5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

13 August 17 words: Lucy Manning

There's nuff stuff to do for the kids, the grown ups, and all those in between, this week...

Viking School

If the kids are doing your absolute nut in over these the never ending six weeks holidays, ship ‘em off to Lakeside Arts for half the week. While they’re there, the little darlings can discover what life was like as a Viking. Three real life (sort of) Vikings will be on hand to give ‘em the true experience and tek ‘em on a three day adventure they won’t forget in a hurry. They can get stuck in to Viking homelife, warfare and arts and crafts, with the guidance of living history practitioners from Travellers Through Time. The delightful young sprogs can eat what Vikings ate, make Viking jewellery, play Viking board games and rip chunks out of each other – rather than you – in Viking battle. Basicalleh, if the Vikings did it, the sprogs will too. It’ll set you back fifty bob for the three day school, but if it gets ‘em out your way, no price is too high, eh.
Monday 14 - Wednesday 16 August, £50, The University of Nottingham Museum, event link


You might have caught this one the first time round, but now, thanks to popular demand, it’s back with a bang. The director of Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain, Paul Sng, is bringing another feature-length documentary to the silver screen, set to challenge and explore the current housing crisis in Britain. While some are able to fritter away surplus cash on conservatories and loft conversions, others are literally having their homes demolished as the government works with the private sector to tear down council estates and build high-end property that the majority can’t afford. Narrated by Maxine Peake, who played the brilliant Veronica Ball in Shameless, the film explores the devastating failures that have led to the current housing shortage. If you missed it before, don’t make the same mistake twice.
Wednesday 16 - Thursday 17 August, 7.45pm, all tickets £3.50, Broadway Cinema, event link

PubhD #42: Mathematical Physics, English Literature, Museums

The event that combines making your grey matter matter more with getting proper bevved up is back this week. Down at the Vat and Fiddle, three dead intelligent folk are gearing up to give you an insight into their PhD work. James Gaunt is a mathematical physicist at UoN, researching the field of quantum gravity. His work sees him studying certain mathematical structures used to describe a theory of quantum gravity. Over your head? It won’t be after Wednesday. English Literature PhD student, Sofia Aatkar has been researching Caribbean-British travel narratives, looking at the “extent to which Caribbean-born travel writers work within or against travel writing’s imperial inheritance.” Last, but by no means least, Lilia Abadia, a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, will be on hand to fill you in on her research into how Brazilian and Portuguese museums create post-colonial discourse about Africa.
Wednesday 16 August, 7.30pm, free entry, Vat and Fiddle, event link

Tuned: Carnival Carnage

Right then youtdem. You’ve all worked dead hard over the last year or two. At least, your parents think you have. We know you’ve been down Rescue Rooms every Wednesday and waking up on Sunday morning with chewed up cheeks from Saturday night’s antics. But hey, we won’t tell. This week, celebrate your victorious results, or drown your sorrows, with the spirit of Rio over at Rock City. There’ll be two for one drinks offers, confetti cannons and balloons on board to bring you the best results party this side of anywhere. So no matter if your results are AAAmazing, or looking more like a bar of that there FUDGE, you can throw care into the wind come Thursday eve.
Thursday 17 August, 10pm, £5, Rock City, event link

Night Paddle

Ah the serenity of a summer’s evening. Not that we’ve seen much of them, as of late. But, if you’re determined to make the best of your summer evenings despite what the weatherman or woman says, head on over to Colwick Park for a spot of night paddling. Cassie and the Parklives team have got the owd underwater board lights out to make the lake glow proper magic, like, ready for you to take the paddle board out to the middle and bask under the stars. Or the clouds. Or the rain. Either way, it’ll be fun, right? You don’t have to have any experience in paddle boarding cos they’ll teach you all you need to know when you get there, just remember to take a change of clothes just in case you fall in.
Thursday 17 August, 8.15pm, Colwick Park, event link

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