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Nottingham Castle

The Thompsons on the Female Dr Who

7 August 17 interview: Jared Wilson

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers...

It makes no difference to us if it’s a man or a woman; it’s a Time Lord at the end of the day, so the body doesn’t really count. We never liked the show though, even when we were children. It was too scary: those damn Daleks and the slug-like things inside their cases. It’s an awful programme and should be banned.

We went once but we didn’t sit down. Can’t see the point of it. If you want to go to the beach then Skeggy is only eighty miles up the road. The thing in the Market Square must just be full of bacteria and wee. There’s loads of children there and not a public toilet in sight. Plus plenty of men who, late on in the night, have probably had one beer too many. It’s a big no from us.

We’re surprised they’ve done them after all the ballyhoo over the fivers. They said that vegans weren’t very happy with them, but they don’t need to eat them, do they? The problem with those notes is that they don’t fold very easily. If you’re a trader and you want a wad of notes, you need to have elastic bands ready. We’re pleased to see Jane Austen is on it though: she was a wonderful writer.

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