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Lost City

LeftLion Magazine #96

1 December 17 words: LeftLion

With Tiger Boe, Ruth and Martin's Album Club, Stephen Barker, Emmanuel House, LeftLion Christmas Tree, Shopping Centre Santas, Fox and Grapes, GB Cafe and more... 

Street Tales: The Nottingham Canal
Plus Ad Sectioned, What Notts, Overheard in Notts and The Thompson Brothers

Photos of the city we call home, captured by your lot

A Food Courier in Notts
All you’ve ever wanted to know about life as a delivery cyclist for Uber Eats and Deliveroo

Ask Kat
The Tiger Boe head honcho offers some holistic remedies for your festive problems

House and Home
An interview with Paul, an Emmanuel House regular, about being homeless at Christmas

Eyre What
The boys of Eyre Llew talk us through their debut album, and unexpected success in South Korea

Song Book
A word with Martin, one half of Ruth and Martin's Album Club, about the upcoming book

Make Your Own LeftLion Christmas Tree
Forget hoovering pine needles up all month, use this rag as your living room centrepiece with this handy guide

SanTale Claus
Father Christmas can be a right naughty bogger at times. As can his doppelgangers

Shop Local This Christmas
Leave the chain stores be. There’s heaps of independent businesses you can buy your Crimbo pressies from

Barker Gate
All your questions about the Creative Quarter answered by the new CEO, Stephen Barker

Peggers' Relief
The Sneinton-based boozer is back with a bang, returning to its roots as the Fox & Grapes.

The Sneinton Spesh with Blend, Murat International Food Centre and GB Cafe and Restaurant

Lay of the Land
Ian Bartlett has got a fair few ideas up his sleeve about how best to flood-proof our plains

Art Works
Notts artists Adam Willis and Hannah Yates on their creative processes

Mighty Mouse
The latest small press publisher on the block, Sojo Publishing Mouse

12 Reads of Christmas
Escape the rabble with a good read, recommended by one of Nottingham’s small press publishers        

Music Reviews
Drown out the drone of Christmas playlists with the latest releases from Hoodtown’s masses. Plus LeftLion Stereo

Events Listings
With Nusic Box, and a Christmas wordsearch to keep you entertained

12 Proper Notts New Year's Eve Parties
All the debauchery you could want for, of the 365th evening in 2017

End Page
With Rocky Horrorscopes, Art Hole, Notts Trumps, Strellyation, and LeftLion Abroad

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