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Nottingham Poetry Festival 2018 is Coming

14 December 17 words: James Kramer

Clear out your lungs and get your pathos out, the third Nottingham Poetry Festival is gearing up to be a corker...

Shepherded by Tommy Farmyard, of Hockley Hustle fame, and poet Henry Normal, April is looking to be a jam-packed poetry showdown featuring a heap of spoken word sensations, including nationally recognised poets and as much local talent as we can muster.

Nott’s institutions the DIY Poets, Crosswords, Poetry is Dead Good, Speech Therapy will all be contributing, and our Young Poet laureate Georgina Wilding will be gracing the stage alongside whatever good ideas stick. The festival, says Normal, is currently open to all good or interesting ideas, with some of the ones bouncing around their collective skulls being communist-style poetry and “Tales from the Brothel”. Whatever that means.

There’s also talk of a “Random Poetry Generator” coming down from the University of Nottingham, which I’m sure is going to put us all out of business making those Byron billions. Collaboration with Nottingham libraries is on the cards, as is fundraising for an Alan Stiltoe statue to come and show that Clough fella who's really ‘ard.

With fifty events under their belt with the 2016 festival, this year the organizers ambitions continue to expand. Expect to see screenings, projections, an under elevens poetry workshop and much more. So get your wordage on and craft some lexical loveliness.

Schedules and brochures are set to be announced early 2018, but for more information on the festival, or to find out how to perform/get involved, check out the Nottingham Poetry Festival website.

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Nottingham Poetry Festival website 

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