Overheard In Notts: The 2017 Tea Towel

6 December 17 words: LeftLion Shop

Who wouldn't want a tea-towel covered in ludicrous things you lot have said? We're coming at you with this years must have Notts based gift! 

For the last year or so, we’ve been eavesdropping on your conversations, because we're dead nosey and you are downright hilarious.

If that Christmas-shopping panic is starting to creep into your bonce, we've got you covered. Get yoursen the Overheard In Notts tea towel - a clothy collection of the best quotes to come out of Nottingham gobs. 

There's plenty of stuff you can do with the humble tea towel. Buy this for your loved one this Christmas so they can:

  • Whip it round the dishes to keep 'em spick and span
  • Hang it on their wall as a reminder of our beloved locals
  • Use it as a bandana and pretend to be Hulk Hogan
  • Mop up blood from the fighting outside your local Wetherspoons

The Overheard In Notts tea towel contains more than seventy nuggets of Notts conversation from 2017. It measures 800mm x 480mm and is made from the finest tea towely fabric known to man.

Available now at
 £9 (£7.50 + VAT) + £1.50 postage and packaging via the link above. 
Also available from Nottingham Tourist Centre and other selected stockists.

We're also bundling our 2016 and 2017 versions together for £15 (£12.50 + VAT) using the button below

There are a very limited number of the 2016 tea towel remaining, if you'd like to buy one of the last few use the button below (Also £9 (£7.50 + VAT) + £1.50 postage and packaging)

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