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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

10 December 17 words: Emily Thursfield

Here's five ways to cure those after-work, winter blues....

Henry Normal: Love, Relationships and Other Unrealistic Expectations

Oh, Henry. You, with your wordy ways and poetic parlance. You, who helped bring the Royles into the living rooms of Great Britain. You, who brought the general Nottingham populace an entire festival dedicated to poetry. We’re feeling ever so mushy about Mr Normal over here at the ‘Lion, and it’s rather fitting, seeing as he’s bringing a brand new show to Lakeside Arts all about the absurdness of romance and sex. Oo-er. He’s gonna take us all on a journey through the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the, er ins and outs, of love and lust, through the use of stories, jokes and of course, poetry. And we’re right giddy at the prospect.
Tuesday 12 December, 7.30pm, £6-£10, Djanogly Theatre, event link

Town Mouse and Country Mouse

If yer not one for solemn nativities nor raucous pantomimes but still want to give the kids something other than the telly box to watch over the Christmas holidays, we’ve got you covered. Fiona Buffini is bringing us one of Aesop’s sweetest fables, Town Mouse and Country Mouse, that tells the tale of two little rodents who couldn’t be more different. While Town Mouse loves nowt more than the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Country Mouse prefers being in the calm countryside, surrounded by fields. When a cat makes an appearance, the pair must be learn how to overcome their differences and get along together.  
Wednesday 13 December - Saturday 6 January, £11.50-£31.50, Nottingham Playhouse, event link

Christmas Origami

Every great hero or certified clever clogs had to learn from someone. Harry had Dumbledore, Simba had Mufasa and Einstein probably had a really smart science teacher. You get the gist. So if yer gonna learn how to fold paper to the best of your ability, there ain’t nobody better than David Bogod. Not only has he been folding since the age of ten, he’s also helped fold a four foot Pudsey bear live on TV and has broken the world record for the number of paper elephants in one room. And yes, that’s a real world record. Pop down to his workshop and get craftin’ some particularly festive pieces.
Thursday 14 December, 10.30am-1pm,  £6-£10, City Arts, event link

Meet The Author: Clare Harvey

We’ve all fostered some kind of celebrity crush during the course of our lives. If you think you haven’t, you’re lying. And crushes can make people do crazy things. Some people merely admire from afar and others create fan accounts on social media. But, if you’re award winning author Clare Harvey, you write a book abaht them. Join her at Lakeside Arts this week to hear all about the inspiration behind her new novel, The Night Raid; Dame Laura Knight, multi talented artist from Long Eaton. Teking place in the Learning Studio - under one of the artists paintings, no less - our Clare will talk about Dame Laura’s life and how these facts helped her create historical fiction.
Thursday 14 December, 2pm-3pm, £2, Lakeside Arts, event link

Joey Costello - So High We Lose Our Minds Release Party

To celebrate the release of his new single - and also his change of name - American singer-songwriter Joey Costello is gonna be down at the Jam Cafe giving us a right good night. Formerly Joey Marcantonio, he’s ditched the last name has collabed with Nottingham’s own TheoTheo for the new track, which has been BBC Introducing East Midlands. The night will see performances by both of these crazy cats plus Jonny Olley and Melissa-Danial Ward.
Thursday 14 December, 8pm-11.30pm, free, Jam Cafe, event link