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Confetti - Do It For Real

The Thompson Brothers on Christmas

16 December 17 words: The Thompsons

The green grocers say "Bah humbug"

We’re going on a bicycle ride to Lambley and back with our friend Ann. We’ll only go after the Queen has been on television, of course. We just thought that we haven’t been on a nice ride for quite a long time so it will be good to do something healthy while everyone else is getting pie-eyed.

You ask us this every year and our answer is the same: we don’t buy each other anything for Christmas. One of us wants a red F-Type and the other wants a Range Rover Sport, but the chances of us getting either of those are slim. So we won’t be bothering again this year. Maybe next year. If we win the lottery.

It’s utterly amazing. You don’t realise how deep the sea actually is and how big whales actually are. They had a shark whale on there and it was as big as a commercial aeroplane. Very well done all-round.

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