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Review: DirtyFilthySexy presents Kim Chi of RuPaul's Drag Race

6 February 17 words: Bridie Squires
photos: Tom Morley

We got down to Spanky Van Dykes to check out performances from our local queens, plus a special something from Kim-Chi. Yep, the one from RuPaul's Drag Race...

Kim Chi. photo: Tom Morley

I’d never been to a drag show before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. After being introduced to RuPaul’s Drag Race by a friend of mine, I’d ended up – like many – a few seasons deep and absolutely hooked. The series lifted a lid on a whole subculture I’d never truly experienced, and Saturday night down Spanky’s meant it was time to see it for real.

When we got upstairs, the atmosphere was buzzing. The place was packed wall to wall with excited attendees and it became apparent how popular the drag scene is in Nottingham. We were all ready for a few warm-up acts, already entertained by the elaborate outfits and makeup turning our heads in every direction.

Our two hosts for the evening were absolutely hilarious and really made the evening for me, with the energy bouncing between them being welcoming and fabulous, all the while taking the piss out of each other. For our warm-up acts, we had a burlesque dancer, singers, and of course miming acts. I’ll be honest, I’m not ordinarily massively into the whole miming thing, but the performances the queens gave, coupled with their outfits and makeup, made for a mesmerising watch. We even had a zombie queen with a particularly awesome wig.

Finally, it was time for our headline act of the evening, Kim-Chi, to make her entrance. With a dramatic pause, a pathway was made through the crowd and an elaborate and immaculately dressed Kim Chi made her way to the stage to mime a track and say a few words. She was absolutely hypnotic to watch, with all the grace a human could possibly possess. The only thing I regret is that the performance was quite short, but she soon returned in her second outfit for another song. The camera phones and swoons were out in full force.

Marilyn Sane. photo: Tom Morley

A real highlight of the night was a song from one of our hosts, Marilyn Sane, who began with a romantic, soppy song about heartbreak, which eventually switched up and shocked us with the line “so… I’ve stolen your dog,” and continued on a similarly naughty tone. The whole room was crying with laughter and it really topped off an amazing night.

It’s definitely worth getting down to a DirtyFilthySexy show. The effort everyone puts in to their outfits, the glitter, the comedy, the energy. Yep – an experience to be had, for sure. They even handed out a massive box of free doughnuts!

DirtyFilthySexy presents Kim Chi took place at Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 4 February

DirtyFilthySexy presents This is Not a Love Song at Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 18 February, 9pm, £4/£5. Get tickets here

DirtyFilthySexy website

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