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The Comedy of Errors

Surface Gallery host NTU Photographers for Focus Exhibition

18 February 17 words: Mary Dansie

Second-year photography students' exhibition at Sneinton gallery

A showcase of a selection of work from Nottingham Trent University’s second-year photographers, Focus covered a range of ideas from opinions on cultural topics to simply expressing how the photographer was feeling in their environment.

Jodie Longdon addressed her great aunt’s dementia; successfully representing conditions of memory loss by altering black and white photographs. Using nature as a motif, she points out through her work that the seasons reflect the loss and regain of memory. Autumn correlates to fading memories, while a bloomed rose in spring suggests the restoration of memories.

Additionally, Grace Bristo makes a strong feminist statement with her unapologetic photographs titled Unlady-like. Showing women not conforming to traditional “lady-like” behaviours, such as eating sloppily, not shaving and sitting with their legs apart. The images demonstrate how the societal constructions that restrict us and make us behave in a certain way, can be easily broken by embracing what feels natural to us.

However, a more personal piece can be found in Gabrielle Dunwell’s work, Personal Therapy. Her series of photographs of the city, taken while wandering the streets, was a way for her to find peace and forget about her problems. She effectively conveys the importance of being creative for emotional well-being in her images.

A strong collection, that also included exceptional works from Dawid Rostek, Lucy Holland, Gianfranco Castagna, Fiona Goldie, Celeste Camilleri and Sasha Grey. If you missed out on this particular exhibition, make sure you keep an eye out for them in the future as talent abounds.

Focus: NTU Photography Show, Surface Gallery, Saturday 4 – Monday 13 February 2017.

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