TRCH Mindgames

LL Stereo: With Gallery 47, Babe Punch, Nick Aslam and more...

31 July 17 words: Paul Klotschkow

What you need in your ear holes this month...

Nick Aslam - Clowns and Guns

Propulsive new single with shades of Arctic Monkeys, taken from Nick’s new project, Rebel City Rival.

Indus Traps - Restraint of Beasts

Former Skinny Sumo and Royal Gala front woman lends her vocals to this dubby UK garage throwback.

Rory Cannon - Among Decent Folk

Widescreen indie-folk, performed with heartfelt gusto. Heavy on the reverb.

Sasha Kahn - Saturday Rolling

Skittery jungle heralding the moment that Saturday night turns into very late Sunday morning. One for the all-night rave crew.

Gallery 47 - Cold Fire

Having only just released his latest album Lefty, the talented Mr Peachey tees up yet another new long player, with this elegant track giving us a taste of what to expect.

Babe Punch - Control

Punchy re-worked title track from last year's EP sees the band kick out the jams over a wall of fierce fuzz.

TV Crime - Clocking In

High-octane, punky power-pop that keeps its foot to the floor over the course of its exhilarating three minutes.

Shookz - Real Love

Industrial strength production with clanking mechanical beats and shape-shifting bass.