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Noshingham: Bunker’s Hill

18 July 17 words: Raph Achache

Proper pub grub down the bottom of Hockley...

My alarm went off at 8.15. AM. On a Sunday. I was due to play a couple of gigs and had a recording session in the morning, so I knew it was gonna be a long day. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, though. I had a food review to do at 3 o’clock and I knew I was going to be absolutely Hank Marvin by then.

Bunkers Hill is just down the road from the the recording studio on Sneinton Market, which was good because it was bloody hot and I was knackered. Food. There were three of us and we knew we needed something to sustain us for many hours of merriment, so we ordered everything.

First up, the pork belly slider with coleslaw (£7) and a side of mac ‘n’ cheese bombs (£4.50). The pork belly chunks were hefty; tenderly marinated and presented on a tasty ciabatta with homemade coleslaw. It was good. Although these days, if you’re a food pub and you don’t make your own slaw, you might as well only serve Fosters and Monster Munch. The deep-fried, battered mac ‘n’ cheese balls were nothing short of marvellous. I liked the cheese; it was good cheese.

My mate had the chilli burger (£8). He didn’t say much, which is useless for a food review, but he definitely looked like he enjoyed it. The chilli looked pretty wholesome with all the stuff you want in a chilli, and I noticed it came with some chorizo relish, too. That looked bangin’. He had a side of whitebait (£4) that came with a paprika mayo dip, which was very nice indeed.

The third and most attractive of my dining companions ordered the lamb tacos (£7.50). When she ordered them, the waiter made a circle with his thumb and finger and did a sort of half wink, which suggested she’d made the best choice. He wasn’t wrong, they were mint. Even had a bit of minty yogurt on ‘em. The dish had a kind of Arabic flavour, and was accompanied by some jalapeno poppers (£4). These looked a bit like potato croquettes, but tasted better.

Though I do like potato croquettes. If you own a restaurant that makes potato croquettes, hit us up and I’ll come review you. If you’re reading this, you have to drink every time you read the words “potato” or “croquettes”.

I’ll finish with a comment on the general atmosphere of the place. If you’ve not been to Bunkers Hill in ages, you really should. It’s just had a brand new refurb and it’s dead good now. They have live music on a regular, too. Get down.

36/38 Hockley, City Centre, Nottingham NG1 1FP. 0115 910 0114.

Bunkers Hill website

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