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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

16 July 17 words: Matt Williams

Tuesday night. Clear your schedule. Come and see us. And get stuck in to the rest of the week's offerings, too...

LeftLion Open House: Join Us

Ayup Nottingham. Are you right wordeh? Right arteh? Love tekkin’ pictures? Just got jokes? Well, you’ve come to the right place duck. LeftLion Magazine cordially invites you to meet and greet the fam, with the hopes that you might join us. We’re looking for volunteers: writers, photographers, illustrators, vloggers, podcasters, etc… If that’s you, then come along to The Angel Microbrewery, upstairs, on Tuesday 18 July, where there’ll be a short talk from our editor Bridie Squires, the chance to meet our section editors and existing contributors, sign up to our mailing lists, and offer up ideas for the upcoming publications.
Tuesday 18 July, 6:30pm - 8pm, Free entry, The Angel Microbrewery, event link

NCF Comedy £1 Comedy Night Special - Edinburgh Preview

Whilst you could ‘ave a laugh at this comedy night every month, you’ll not want to miss this special Edinburgh preview featuring Scouse comedian Adam Rowe; an unbearable little shit who will seamlessly make your own problems about himself. Joining Rowe on this absolute steal of a night out (only a bleddy pound, duck), is Geoff Norcott, who is the “UK’s only declared Conservative”. You’ve probs seen him on Live at the Apollo. Get yoursen to the Canalhouse for a good giggle before these lads pop-off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Wednesday 19 July, 10:30pm, £1 entry fee, The Canalhouse, event link

Chess With Peter Mortimer

That there Peter Mortimer don’t half travel a lot. Yemen, anyone? This Notts exile usually writes extreme travel books, but here he’s taking to the road armed with his “extreme” chess set. He’s been challenging some random lads and lasses to a good ‘ol game, to which the extremity of is unknown. You don’t have to be a chess whiz-kid to play, whatever your ability you can battle Mortimer in some extreme chess, followed by Mortimer talking about being a “chess traveller” and his “extreme” encounters from all over the world. So much extremeness.
Wednesday 19 July, 6:00 - 8:45pm, £3 entry fee (including refreshments), Five Leaves Bookshop, event link


What does home mean t’you? A place you’re excited to run back to when times get hard, or somewhere you can’t chuffing wait to leave? Whatever it is, this play keeps it real to what us Notts lot feel about home, inspiring a beautiful yet funny slice of theatre directed by Fiona Buffini (Kings) collaborating with Next Door Dance (The Beautiful Game). We can’t wait to see this fab play that sees over 100 participants from all ages and backgrounds tell us what “home” means to them. Whatever the case for you, come along to the Playhouse and make yourself feel at home.
Thursday 20 - Saturday 22 July, 9pm, £8 - £10, The Nottingham Playhouse, event link

The Art of Dinosaur Science

“Art, uh… finds a way.” is what Jeff Goldblum would say to this bangin’ Chinese dino exhibition at Lakeside Arts Centre and Wollaton Hall. Notts is proud to welcome Lakeside’s interactive exhibition which shows the evolution of birds from dinosaurs, and how recent fossils found in China could change the way we perceive dinosaurs. These “China-saurs” could’ve been fuzzy, feathery, and colourful like the birds we know today, so why don't you get yoursen down to Lakeside and enter this prehistoric world for some family, sciencey, arty fun.
Runs until Sunday 29 October, 12pm, free, Angear Visitor Centre, Lakeside Arts, event link

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