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The Thompsons on Ed Sheeran

14 July 17 interview: Jared Wilson

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers...

The Arboretum
It’s brilliant in summer. We used to go there with our grandad when we were kids. We’re not fans of the aviary there, as we generally can’t stand animals, but they have the most marvellous collection of dahlias in the whole world.

We ended up watching some of it on TV. We’ve got no idea how that Ed Shearer [sic] is so famous. He’s got too many words to fit his music properly. We enjoyed The Killers. They reminded us of a lady we knew called June who died a couple of years ago. She must have been about eighty, but they played that song Human at her funeral. God knows how a woman her age discovered a band like that. They were very good, though.

Dinosaurs of China
We never liked dinosaurs, not even when we were kids. Unless you count Marc Bolan and T. Rex. We’d probably find Jurassic Park boring and terrifying in equal measure. Wollaton Park is worth a visit any time of year though. The gardens are fantastic.


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