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Treat Yourself at Ye Olde Bell Hotel

3 July 17 words: Lucy Manning

Our Lucy didn't half have a right good time...

Living, working and playing in the city centre can all get a bit trapped-in-the-crystal-maze sometimes. It’s ever so easy to get tangled in the spider’s web of hustle and bustle; running at a hundred miles an hour with no time to collect your thoughts.

Just an hours drive away, in the sleepy village of Barnby Moor, you can escape it all and enjoy a night in the slow lane with a stay at Ye Olde Bell Hotel. Newly refurbished, having been taken over by locals Paul and Hilary Levack almost ten years ago, the couple have re-vamped the on-site restaurant, and built brand new spa – inclusive of an indoor beach and snow shower. It’s a haven of calm just a stone’s throw from the city centre.

After checking in and dumping our bags in a room worthy of a healthy round of applause (more on that later) it was over to the hotel restaurant for a culinary masterclass with head chef Tim and his sous chef, Lewis. Appetites in tow. 

Sitting down in a sumptuously decorated dining room, we were introduced to Billy and his team of waiting staff, and star of the show, Tim, before being served glasses of prosecco. We were introduced to Tim’s mission statement; his promise to make dining at Ye Olde Bell, and Restaurant 1650 in particular, a fine dining experience, breaking away from stuffy traditions and encouraging guests to get involved with their food.

As an arrangement of aperitifs were brought before us, Tim and Lewis’ skill was clearly apparent. Beautifully crafted balls of goat’s cheese balanced atop beetroot and carrot jellies; shredded spiced duck decorated crunchy wafers of tempura; salmon and prawn mousse rested on bruschetta chunks, adorned with small, caviar-shaped balls of saltwater that popped in the mouth for a truly refreshing burst of flavour.

The piece de resistance arrived in the form of salmon fillets and curry-coated scallops, drizzled with hollandaise sauce. This is where the theatrics kicked in, as Tim whipped out his oyster-scented dry ice, sending plumes of aromatic steam over the platter of fish. The same thing happened with the meat course, except this time, a strong, smoked bacon aroma wafted over medium rare lamb.

Tim’s passion was infectious; the story of his journey to becoming head chef at Ye Olde Bell the only thing able to distract us from mouthfuls of the good stuff. It was thoroughly enjoyable to see someone so young and driven really able to flex their skills in a position worthy of their talent. Credit to the Olde Bell for trusting Tim to do his thing. 

Bellies suitably full, and a little giddy from all the red wine, myself and my most-lucky plus one retired to our courtyard bedroom, inclusive of one of the biggest beds we’d ever seen and a beautiful free-standing bath just begging to be bubbled. The hotel boasts 59 individually-decorated rooms, fully-loaded with character and all the trimmings one can expect from a five-star establishment.

If you’ve been good all month, treat yourself to a weekend away. You know you deserve it.

Ye Olde Bell Hotel website

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