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Young Books Run Wild: Celebrating 30 Days of British Wildlife Literature with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

1 June 17 words: LP Mills

Determined to get us bookworms out and about in the sunshine, the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has launched a month-long campaign to review books about all things wild. 

Living in a city can be tough, and sometimes you may want to get away from it all. For some of us, the best escape is in a good book. For others, there’s nothing better than fleeing to the countryside. The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has come up with a nice middle ground with their 30 Wild Books campaign, celebrating British literature and wildlife with a month-long initiative to review all things bestial and bookish.

The campaign, which is part of a larger initiative celebrating the untamed wilds of Britain, has received the backing of famous faces from across Britain, including local screenwriter and author William Ivory and Springwatch fav Mike Dilger. The campaign has also received support from local schools, library services, writing groups, independent bookshops, and our humble mag.

The campaign will feature daily book reviews throughout June, each written by Nottingham contributors and focusing on a literary classic. Books include Rachel Carson’s A Sky Full of Birds, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, and everyone’s favourite treatise on whale hunting Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Reviews will be released across social media for the perusal of the public.

If you'd like to get involved with the campaign, or would just like to read some of the reviews, head over to the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's website to find out more. 

So get out there and do your soul a solid: grab a book, find a quiet patch of woodland, and get reading.

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