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What's on the LeftLion Stereo? Daisy Godfrey, Birthrights, Little Barrie and more...

12 June 17 words: Paul Klotschkow

Our Music Editor picks out some of the best tunes to have come out of our city recently...

Daisy Godfrey - Remedy

First official release from folky singer. The video features a lot of wistfully looking out of windows so you know all the emotions are being felt.

Birthrights - Everyone Together

Another month and another slice of electronic brain tonic from the production pairing of CJ Mirra and Kirk Spencer.

Little Barrie - Produckt

Former Primal Scream and Morrissey guitarist, and writer of the Better Call Saul theme, returns to day job of penning blustery blues ahead of new album.

Ski - Questions

Rapper with big lyrical skills slips into contemplative mood.

Gallery 47 - Himalaya

Decade-old track finally sees the light of day. Heavy Jeff Buckley vibes.

Russian Linesman - Lonesome Road (on BBC 6 Music)

Hear the enigmatic producer’s latest sonic soundscape get played on the wireless. Taken from his excellent series of recent EPs.

Beyond Grace - Oracle

This thundering blast of death metal, with drums like a rollercoaster, vocals from hell and roaring twin guitars, is a taster of the band’s forthcoming album.

Polly Hardy - Song of Moth

Ethereal melodies from a solo performer making dreamy haunted folk.

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