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Green Light in the City

The Best in the Independent Biz

22 June 17 words: LeftLion

Ears to the ground, it's all kicking off...

Nottingham’s plethora of independent businesses are thriving. From concept coffee shops to vintage clothes stores, barbers to doughnut shops, tattoo parlours to jewellers; there’s no end of people adding summat special to our high street. And though we don’t say it enough, we’re well proud of ‘em for it.

It’s In Nottingham are championing the best of Hoodtown’s independents by raising the flag in an explosion of events, for one day and one day only. Expect outdoor stages, food tasting, arty workshops, treasure hunts, and no end of fun stuff to be getting on with. But that’s not till later.

In the meantime, keep your ears to the ground cos there’s all sorts set to kick off in the runup to the big day. Plus, you’ll be asked to vote for Nottingham’s best independent business when the time comes. So thinking caps on, kids.

Nottingham Independents Festival takes place in the city centre on Saturday 8 July.

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