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Get Drunk and Draw over at Rough Trade

26 June 17 interview: LeftLion

We wanted to know a little more about that there art event...

Your name:
Amanda Wright


Venue you do stuff at:
Rough Trade

Who else helps you run the nights?

My friend and fellow artist Anna Manfield and our DJ, Jimi Arundell.

Sum up the events you put on:
DDS is a monthly chilled art event where illustrators of all abilities can come along to drink and draw. We set a suggested theme each month for people to go along with, or draw whatever they like.

Describe the average punter at your nights:
We have a great mix of artists coming along each month. It’s such a positive, creative atmosphere and a good opportunity to meet people to collaborate with. It’s also a laugh and the soundtrack is spot on.

What inspired you to start this night?
I set it up as I wanted to host a night for creatives who didn’t have a creative network around them; those, like me, who don’t have a creative full-time job, or maybe work freelance alone. I approached Kyle at Rough Trade and he was up for letting me do it; we’ve been running monthly for about sixteen months now. I illustrate in my spare time under the name amandainateacup.

Do you doodle a lot at home?
We get a great mix of people coming along, everyone is welcome and it’s not just for illustrators. It’s so nice to see the bar at Rough Trade full of people with their sketchbooks out or drawing on giant paper rolls on the floor.

What’s the best drawing you’ve seen done at your nights?
We have some fantastic art produced each month so it’s hard to pick a favourite. We gather in any art that people want to submit, and we do a zine periodically with the artwork. We also use some of the illustrations on our posters.

If you could get a celebrity compere in, who would you choose?
Neil Buchanan from Art Attack would be great.

Tell us a crazy story that’s happened at your events…
As the night is so chilled, we don't really get that much craziness. Although we did get one bloke drunkenly chanting while standing on a table once.

Which booze sells best at your events?
The best-selling drinks on the night are the draught IPAs and Birdhouse Organic Chai Tea.

What other events in Nottingham do you love?
I love a Tuesday night in Notts. Starting with Cheeseboard Tuesday at Six Barrels in Hockley, and then onto the quiz at The Bodega. Rough Trade is my second home and I love the Fan Club night.

What have you got coming up?
We plan on making the Drink & Draw Social a bit more interactive over the summer, so check out our social media channels for more information

Drink & Draw Social, Rough Trade, every last Thursday of the month, free.

Drink & Draw Social on Facebook

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