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TRCH David Suchet

The Thompson Brothers on Not Being Tories

10 June 17 words: The Thompson Brothers

Nottingham's most opinionated greengrocers on...

We’re not very good at predicting them. We learned our lesson after Brexit. We’re very Labour around here; their manifesto is excellent, but hard to pull off. The Conservatives are money grabbers, voting Green or Lib Dem is pointless, and you’d have to be a loony to vote UKIP. More than anything, we can’t stand people who don’t vote.

We don’t like them at all. What’s the point? When we bought the shop it came with this mangy cat. It cost us a fortune at the vets and we had to pay for it to go to a pets home every time we went on holiday. We couldn’t stand the bloody thing. Luckily it got run over.

Last issue we mentioned a man who comes into the shop and goes to Glastonbury every year. There’s been lots of chatter on Facebook since, with customers asking if it’s them. So, to be clear, his name is Dan. We found out he wasn’t on the computer fast enough to get a ticket this year.

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