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5 June 17 words: What Notts

Find out what's been going off around and about Nottingham city for the past month...

illustration: Rikki Marr

We’re suckers for a good old love story here at LeftLion HQ, and none has pulled on our heart strings more than this tale of tenderness between a dog and a lamb. When little Bella’s mother-sheep sadly passed away, she was paired with Border Collie sheepdog Blake, for a bit of TLC. The pair struck up the most unlikely friendship; frolicking in fields, laughing at each other’s jokes, and staying up late talking about their hopes, dreams and greatest fears.

The star-crossed lovers decided to take a leap into the unknown last month when they escaped from their home on a Newark farm. Blake and Bella have embarked on a journey to become the Bonnie and Clyde of the animal world, forsaking all others in the name of true love and friendship. And their owners are quite worried. Blake’s chipped, but doesn’t have a collar. If you see the young truants, do give the farm a call on 01636 650000.

Within the first week of this mag going to print, we will have undergone another general election. Whether we wanted it or not, it’s happening. And all we – as a magazine of the people – can do, is encourage you all to get off yer backsides, make your way down to the polling station, and bleddy vote. Whether you’re a true blue or as left as that there lion, so long as you put pen to paper, we’re ‘appy.

The burning desire to be crowned Mr or Mrs Green Finger Ruddington has really brought out the worst in some residents. Okay. There is no Mr or Mrs Green Finger Ruddington, but someone is running round nicking people’s pot plants and the like. Residents of the Pastures Lane estate have had hanging baskets and all sorts robbed from their yards, so if your neighbour’s garden has had an unexpected spruce up of late, dob ‘em in.

It turns out that not even a famous face and yer name on the side of one of the boggers will bag you a free ride on a tram. On The Graham Norton Show, our Vicky McClure spoke about her promise of a free ride after she’d had a tram named after her. But as she approached her stop with her mam, the conductor wasn’t fazed and threw her off for fare evasion. It happens to the best of us, Vicks.

Some of you poor boggers have fallen victim to a phone scam involving a mystery woman called Sarah and her broken fibula. The unknown number has been texting the good people of Hoodtown with the message that she, “Sarah”, has broke her fibula and needs some dosh to get back from the hospital. The cheeky sod. If you’ve been caught out by the prank, get on to Action Fraud UK and report it. Sharpish.

Bleddy hell, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? Just like a toddler at a ball pit, what started out as a spot of calm wind and rain clearly missed its afternoon nap, got over excited, and decided to unleash a full-blown tornado tantrum, throwing stuff all over the shop and causing general disarray. Residents of Stapleford reported barbecues flying through the air and children’s slides being launched 60ft across the back garden when the bleeder hit back in May.

Forest fans across the city faced a knuckle-biting play-off game last month that would either see ‘em swim off in victory or be relegated to the lower league. Cashing in on the battle, Pavilion Road Tattoo Studio, by the City Ground, offered die-hard fans the chance to ink ‘emsens up with the reds’ logo for a mere twenty quid, should they avoid relegation. Of course, our boys in red managed it, and now tattooist Lou Morales is inundated with appointments.

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