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The Comedy of Errors

A Fortunate Man: Creative Callout from New Perspectives

6 March 17 words: LeftLion

Calling all creatives. Be you a wizard with the visual – anything from photography, painting or film – or a pretty slick writer, deviser or performer, New Perspectives theatre company are calling you to join them.

New Perspectives’ latest theatre project, A Fortunate Man, inspired by the John Berger book of the same name, needs the assistance of some of Nottingham’s finest creative minds to pair up and explore the parallels between the original book detailing the work of an English country doctor – a Dr John Sassall – and the NHS today.

The positions aren’t paid, but you are promised great opportunities for your time, ideas and creative input. Plus, you’ll get to link up with others in the same field, and make invaluable connections with other folks who are into the same stuff as you. If you’re not up to owt else, it’s definitely worth a go.

New Perspectives website

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