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Green Light in the City

The Thompson Brothers on £22m West Bridgford Regeneration

5 March 17 words: Thompson Brothers

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

I don’t know how he discovered the MRI scanner, but it’s very clever. It’s something to do with putting magnets in a big tube, isn’t it? He failed his eleven plus but he went on to get a CBE or MBE and then a Nobel Prize. What a marvellous man and what a marvellous invention. We salute you, Sir.

What a waste of money, they could just knock it down instead. They’ve got too much money over there in the first place. They should go across the river and spend all that on the Meadows, that’s where they really need it. I wonder what they’ll spend it all on – more cafes on Central Avenue?

We haven’t. If they were still showing Paint Your Wagon or South Pacific we’d go there a lot more. We don’t really know what La La Land is and as for Trainspotting 2, we haven’t even seen the first one. We did, however, see The Flying Scotsman in Scarborough once, and that was absolutely marvellous.

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