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1 March 17 words: What Notts

Find out what's been going off around and about Nottingham city for the past month...

illustration: Rikki Marr

The POTUS has been invited round for tea so he can shake our hand for a little bit too long and remind us of our ‘special relationship’. Ashfield District Council are having none of it and are considering banning Trump from paying them a visit. Seeing as local councils have to pick up the tab when dignitaries (used sparingly in this case) come to town, Ashfield are thinking about spending the dosh on summat altogether more wholesome.

The scientist behind the MRI scanner has passed away at the age of 83. Born in London, Sir Peter Mansfield moved to Nottingham to lecture at the Department of Physics at the University of Nottingham in 1964, where he and his colleagues invented the MRI scanner. He won a Nobel Prize for his contribution to physiology and medicine in 2003, and now he’s got a tram and QMC facilities named after him. Resonate in peace, Peter.

We all make mistakes at work. Waitresses spill red wine on diners; bank managers transfer money to the wrong account; magazine editors miss typoos. And sometimes, pharmacists prescribe nine-year-old girls methadone instead of antibiotics to treat a water infection. Poor little Ruby-Mai Bell was given a bottle of the heroin substitute by her pharmacist and had to make an emergency trip to the QMC. Luckily she’s alright now, and NHS England are launching a full investigation.

By all means, buy your better half a bunch of browning-at-the-edge roses from the petrol station the day after Valentines. But some of you are taking budget romance to the extreme. This February, bypassing the trip to Paris to attach a ‘love lock’ to the famous Pont des Arts, Notts heads have been nipping Wilko, buying a padlock for a couple quid and taking their partner to Spenny Bridge. Who said romance was dead?

Ken Loach’s latest film, I, Daniel Blake, won the BAFTA for Outstanding British Film at this year’s awards. Having spent time at the St Ann’s Advice Centre researching the difficulties faced by benefits claimants in the UK today, our Ken set the record straight in his acceptance speech, putting the current government to shame. He stated “The poorest people are treated by this government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful.” Ken, you’re doing bits. Big up.

We love a good championing of Notts and this month we’ve been awarded the title of ‘Fifth safest city for a night out in the UK’. Seems that rather than getting leary and knocking ten bells of shite out of each other after a few, you lot are the kind who finish the night with a Whitney Houston rendition on the karaoke, a chicken kebab and a tram ride home. You soppy, but lovely, boggers.

One lad’s been munching on the hand that gives him a roof over his head by growing 68 cannabis plants in his Bestwood council house. 27-year-old Reece Frazer had been cultivating his crop a while, and of course, both the council and Nottingham City Homes caught whiff of the weed. He was given until 3 January to move out, but when 8 February rolled around and he was still rolling around, the bailiffs gave him the boot.

A charity box was recently nicked from a Long Eaton cafe – the contents of which was for nine-year-old Kareena Hayes to have an operation to enable her to walk again. Luckily an anonymous businessman has donated 10k for the operation so the youngster, who suffers from cerebral palsy, can have the op to strengthen her legs so she can walk unaided. Whoever you are, Mr or Mrs Moneybags – thank you for restoring our faith in humanity.

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