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7 Organisations Combatting Misogyny in Nottingham

8 March 17 words: Lucy Manning and Bridie Squires

Nottinghamshire Police are the first police force in the country to rule misogyny as a hate crime. That includes physical or verbal harassment directed at women, because they are a woman, via any means. So, if you’re walking home and a group of guys decide to shout inappropriate, sexual comments at you, or someone grabs your arse on a night out, you’re well within your rights to report the behaviour to the authorities.

All you have to do is ring 101, and if the assault is particularly severe, call 999. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the perpetrator will be punished, but it does mean the police can collect information regarding these types of incidents – where, when and how often they happen – and work on making the streets of Notts safer for all. It also means that they can direct you to any support and guidance you may need following the event. There are some incredible local organisations who’ll go out of their way to help you...

Image: Lucella Jayne

The Topaz Centre is Nottinghamshire’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre with trained crisis workers. You can contact them directly on 0845 600 1588 and they’ll guide you through the process of reporting a sexual assault or rape. You can visit the centre without going to the police, and they can take a statement, offer a forensic medical examination, as well as lots of support.

Nottingham Women’s Centre is a safe haven for women in the city, and played a massive part in bringing about the ruling of classing misogyny as a hate crime. If you’ve experienced sexual harassment or domestic abuse and you want to talk it out, give them a call on 0115 941 1475. They’re also the home of Nottingham Women’s Library, and host events and activities that champion women in the city.

Nottingham Rape Crisis Centre is a service open to anyone over thirteen years old, and specialises in supporting survivors of sexual violence. The centre offers support and guidance through face-to-face counselling as well as group support, and helps service users to access creative therapies. They also offer a counselling helpline, staffed by female support workers, that provides a safe space to talk for yourself or a friend. Their helpline number is 0115 941 0440.

Both Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham offer support services to students, doing all they can to help tackle the problem of rape and sexual assault. If you’re a student in Nottingham, pop over to your university’s website where you will find information on all the guidance and support services on offer.

Hollaback! is a worldwide, female-led movement seeking to end street harassment by connecting us up, and Nottingham has its very own branch. Through the use of their app, available for both Android and Apple phones, the organisation is breaking silence by encouraging people to record incidents of street harassment, logging their whereabouts. App users often send each other supportive comments, and it doesn’t half give you a boost after being put down.

Reel Equality is a film collective run by Equation – a not-for-profit organisation promoting healthy relationships free from domestic abuse. Reel Equality screen Bechdel-approved films – flicks featuring at least two, named women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Yep, you’d be surprised at the lack of them.

Fan Club is the dedicated club night popping off at Rough Trade on the first Saturday of every month. It’s creativity-led, and rammed full of zines, cake, glitter, film screenings and power-female tunes. They’ve got a strict safe space policy, and the event is totally free and welcoming to everyone, so rock up and rock out.

One For The Lads
Right then, fella. We know you’re not a plank, but here’s a sad truth you might not be aware of: one in five women aged between 16 and 59 have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. That’s why it’s so important that men stand with their peers in the fight against misogyny. If you see an incident, be on the right side of it and offer help and support where you can. And if a friend is acting inappropriately or visibly making someone feel uncomfortable, be sure to call them out on it.

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