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11 Bangin' Beer Gardens in Notts

31 May 17 words: Alex Kuster

The old weather man is having a right laugh; sun one day, rain all week. That there Summer is being a right tease. But that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead for those rare days of sunshine and know exactly where to go when the sun's a shinin’ and our thirsts need a quenchin’...

Wollaton Pub & Kitchen
A stone’s through away from Wollaton Hall, this is the perfect place to replenish after an afternoon stroll through that there deer park. They’ve got a cracking Sunday lunch menu an’ all, so you can soak up all that alcohol with a prop yorkie pud.

The Sir John Borlase Warren
This pub is proper Notts. They’ve got caves, Lincoln Green ale and Robin Hood themed paraphernalia. It’s dead fresh inside, and their double-decker outside space feels like your posh mate’s back garden, complete with hanging baskets, bunting and a bit of lawn.

The Bodega
Music buffs, listen up. With live music and DJs almost every night of the week and cracking after-work drinks deals, The Bodega is a city centre oasis. Their beer garden is so bedazzled with fairy lights and bunting it’s almost got a festival vibe about the place.

The Gladstone
Sherwood’s hidden gem is tucked away in the back streets of Carrington. Another two-tiered outdoor jobby, summertime sees the outside staircase in full bloom as hanging baskets and pot plants erupt with colour. It’s almost a bleddy fairy tale.

The Lincolnshire Poacher
The Poacher has been a mainstay on the Notts pub scene since the eighties. And they’ve created the almost-perfect all-weather beer garden, with open sheds painted in bright colours like beach houses, decked out with cushioned benches. Whatever the weather, they’ve got you covered, basicalleh.

Ferry Inn
A bit of a way out, but worth it for a bloody massive patio, grassy garden space, and classic pub grub. Plus, being riverside gives it that little extra something. The Ferry Inn is a nice little escape from the city into more scenic pastures of Notts.

Lion at Basford
The absolute joys. Not only do these lot have the longest running open mic night in the city, regular live music, and some proper beers on, they’ve got a big daddy beer garden an’ all. With a lovely big grassy area often adorned with a marquee, you can get your tan on and sip a cold one at the same damn time.

The Canalhouse
Summer time bevs rarely come more picturesque than down by The Canalhouse. Sitting next to the water, watching the barges go by with a bev is the ideal sunny Sunday situation. They’ve got a pretty solid Sunday roast menu, too, so make sure you fill your boots. Or should that be flip flops...

The Embankment
This here Grade II listed building was opened in 1907 as Boots Store Two. Now, it’s home to one of the best craft beer selections in the city, and a top dollar outdoor space an’ all. Keep your eyes peeled for their summer time festival-esque beer celebrations.

Well, well, well. If it isn’t our favourite, goddamn-crazy new addition to the city. If you love cheese, German sausage, steins, and dancing on the tables, then Bierkeller is certainly the place for you to stomp into the early hours of the eve, and lo and behold, they’ve only gone and put in a beer garden! Nestled into the back lies a hidden city oasis with grass and benches and the like. The breather from a sweaty Bavarian basement. With a massive selection of cocktails, wines and pints, there’s bound to be something for any fussy bogger.

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