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Nusic Future Sound of Nottingham Finalists 2017

4 May 17 words: Sam Nahirny

Every year Nusic whack on a showcase of the best upcoming talent in our fair city. That’s right, it’s time for the Future Sound of Nottingham Final. 2017 sees the grand event take place at Rock City, the judges are all top music heads, and it’s free to come down and see. Drumroll, please. Here are this year’s finalists...


Quirky, bizarre, and bloody brilliant. Hashtagobi takes the best parts of pop, hip hop and electronic music, sprinkles some rock on top, and ends up with a sweet cocktail of eclectic awesomeness. He makes the most of the beats, throwing hilarious wordplay on top; some of which is rather naughty. He’s got more energy than a six-year old who’s necked a double espresso, and has mentioned that he wants to stagedive quite a lot. Could this be his time?

Roe Green

An incredibly unique and delicate sound. Using a slice of heavy reverb to create super distinctive music, there have been moments that Roe Green’s alt-pop has given us fairground vibes, as well as sitting-on-a-chilly-mountain vibes. His catchy melodies need a mention too, cos this fella could sing the Yellow Pages (if that’s still a thing) and make it sound like a hit. We’re told he has a relatively minimal setup lined up for the final. Folks will swoon.


Consisting of brothers Ant and Matt, Brotherhood must have the super-catchy-song gene running in their family. Between ‘em, they write songs that you’ll be humming for days. Their FSN entry, Winner, (that’s the song title, not a biased reference) is a proper uplifting, sunny-pop jam; the kind that’ll be belted back to them on that Rock City stage. Especially considering they broke the record for the highest ever amount of verified votes in the semi-final stage.

The Dandylions

Bringing to the showcase some of the finest glam rock that you ever did see, The DandyLions are pros at the big-haired, big-chorus game. Guitar solo aplenty, insanely catchy singalongs, plus some uplifting lyrics, they’re everything you miss about glam rock. We’re told they have plenty of new songs to showcase, and if their set is anything like their FSN entry Legendary Force, we expect you lot to be going nuts in the crowd.

One Giant Causeway

Delivering everything that makes an awesome indie band, One Giant Causeway made their way into FSN via County Youth Arts’ Bandemonium. After bossing that, they smashed the public vote in the semi-finals, and now see themselves looking forward to playing on that revered stage. Bringing with them an arsenal of pure indie-rock gems, they’ll have you going crazy to some of the riffs. Are you ready?

Kelsey Shaw

With just her guitar, Kelsey stunned the crowd and judges at Noise from the Next Generation, the event that won her semi-final entry to FSN. After rallying up the highest ever number of verified votes for a solo artist, she’s ready to stun you lot with a voice that’s powerful, haunting, delicate and resonant, all in the same breath. Paired with the beautiful melodies she’s crafted, it’s something really special. Maybe bring a friend to hug.

#FSN2017 Final, Rock City, Sunday 7 May, 6pm, free.

Nusic website

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