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4 May 17 words: What Notts

Find out what's been going off around and about Nottingham city for the past month...

There’s a quest to save one of our most beloved live music venues from falling into the evil hands of a curry-night-Thursday chain pub. That’s right. At least ten grand is needed to rescue The Maze from ruin, part of which needs to be splashed on a new air con system. It’s time for us to dig deep so that the typically sweaty venue – that’s seen the likes of Jake Bugg, Liam Bailey and Saint Raymond grace its stage – can bask in cool air and stay afloat. They’ve launched an online Kickstarter campaign entitled Revamp or Ruin in a bid to raise £20,000 for vital repairs needed to keep the joint open. Co-owner Gaz Peacham says around half of the grand total is needed to give the venue a chance, but we reckon you can do way better than half. Get online, get your card out, and chuck ‘em some quids. There’s some sweet rewards in it for you an’ all.

The residents of Main Road in Plumtree, Notts, have had an unwelcome neighbour in the form of a pothole for over a year now. Apparently, despite repeated complaints to the council, the bogger is still there. This prompted resident Vonnie Daykin to launch an offensive in the form of buying it a birthday cake. She said “I nearly put three candles on but I thought that might be pushing it”. No, Vonnie. You light them candles. Show ‘em who’s boss.


We were baffled this month by the highly dramatised “siege of Dunkirk”. Basically, worrappened was, two lads climbed up on the roofs of some houses in Cloister Street, smashed windows with a hammer and lobbed roof tiles at coppers down below. They stayed up there for more than eight hours, before one of ‘em said he needed a wee, jumped 40ft and hurt his wrist. We wouldn’t call that a siege. More like a strop. And they’re firmly on the naughty step now.

Our hearts all but broke when we heard about the NTU Social Sciences lecturer who bought drugs on the dark web for him and a pal. Dr Harry Purser bought coke, ket and two brands of psychoactive drugs using bitcoins, and woke up after the binge to find his friend had passed away as a result. Purser immediately called the police and now faces a six-month jail sentence. Be careful, folks.

Despite Nottingham being ranked the eighth most deprived city in Britain in 2015, and coming in last place in a 2015 Office for National Statistics survey of disposable income – with 52% of kids in Aspley growing up in poverty – we’re all apparently pretty happy. According to the government’s latest well-being survey, 31% of folk in the East Midlands are more than chuffed with their lot, making us the second happiest folk next to Northern Ireland. To be sure, to be sure.

Our Dave Bartram, known to many as Cockle Man, was viciously attacked and mugged last month. When receiving treatment for his injuries, he was told he also has cancer. He’s having to rest and recuperate for the next couple of months, and as his only source of income is flogging his fishy wares round our pubs, Nottsman have launched a crowdfunder. Dig deep, kids, as they want to raise a grand to help him support himself and his disabled son.

For one night, and one night only, a whole heap of never-before-seen photos of the legendary David Bowie are coming to a secret venue in Nottingham. Could it be the Contemporary? No. New Art Exchange? No. One of the many marvellous art galleries the good city of Hoodtown has to offer? No. A Sytner Mini showroom on Lenton Lane? Bingo. No, we don’t know why either. See for yourself on 14 July.

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