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10 Places to Get Your Zen on in Nottingham

28 November 17 words: Srijayee Biswas

Nottingham is truly a city of diversity, there are places you can go to make your blood pump and places to calm your hot head down. From Shiatsu to acupuncture, the city offers a range of spots to get your Zen on.

Tiger Boe
The moment you enter this place, the aroma of jasmine, lavender, sandalwood (or any other sweet smelling essential oil you can think of) is bound to transport you to another realm. Kat Chu, the director - otherwise known as the miracle worker - offers a variety of acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions at an affordable price range. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine where therapists stick very fine needles onto your skin. The visuals are not for the faint of heart but trust me, it does not hurt. And that’s coming from a needle phobic!  Instead, you will have a gala time of complete relaxation and calmness.

Om Studios
A husband-wife duo with a holistic approach to wellness set up this eco-friendly and ethical establishment right in the heart of the city. They have an array of mental and physical wellness classes - yoga, belly dance, Tai Chi, healing trust, mindfulness, Kundalini dance, celestial fire healing session- to tickle your fancy. The spacious and airy rooms with ample natural light work well to get you in the mood for some Wing Chung Kung Fu or maybe just a simple Zen meditation.

Bahia Yoga
Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an expert or a newbie, Jasmine Bahia will make sure your yoga needs are met with proficiency. A team of professional teachers will guide you every step of the way and offer useful tips to achieve your body goal. If you are going through an emotional rough patch, you should definitely check out Jake Darlington’s meditation class. That man is an epitome of kindness and patience, and quite frankly, a wizard when it comes to transporting you to your happy place.

Wellbeing Clinic
This place is like a family clinic that serves up remedies for almost all every problems that might crop up at any age. From aromatherapy and hot stone massage; nutritional therapy to acupuncture; craniosacral therapy and chiropractic care; Wellbeing clinic boasts of a range of treatments to relieve you of your pain and discomfort. If you feel you've hit rock bottom in any of your relationships or with yourself, you can visit the clinic for professional counselling sessions.

Has the weather got you all cold and grey? Sweat it off in a 37 degree heated room while in an immersive rigorous yoga session. Who says yoga is a series of stretches? Hot yoga is designed to pump up your heart rate and tire your body. It’s more like an intensive workout that makes you sweat your worries away. I know it doesn’t sound like a calming experience but trust me, you will feel relaxed once you come out of the sweatbox.

Magnolia Therapy Centre
This place gets its name from the two beautiful magnolia trees that adorn the centre. Going with the theme, they have named their carefully decorated and well-equipped rooms after flowers. A range of practitioners from different fields of wellness are available at different dates and times. From acupuncture, colonic hydrotherapy, chiropody, holistic cosmetic and healing techniques, Magnolia has a range of treatments to choose from. Drop in for some TLC or to treat any kind of mental or physical malaise that’s been bugging you.


Tranquillity Holistic Therapy Centre
What better way to recover from a week of gruelling workload than a hot stone massage? Kerrie has the hands of an angel and can undo knots you never knew were there. Her Swedish, lava shell massage and organic facials are raved by people who have felt her magic. If you are an obsessed DIY person and a lover of all things organic like me, then do check out their bath bomb, soap, lip balm and deodorant making courses with all natural stuff.

The Yoga Place
If you really want to get into yoga, then learn it from a person who has over 30 years of experience. Tim Foyster is a master of Parivartana yoga and teaches people of all ages and levels, and is also a certified practitioner of Ji Ap Sul aka Korean acupressure massage therapy; part of the Korean Healing Arts. Having never been a sporty person myself, I didn't think I would ever try something as intense as martial arts. This is not your average martial arts, this is holistic martial arts where you’ll not only train your body but also your mind through a series of techniques that are designed to make you a better person from inside out. 

Mind and Body Consultants
Random pain in your body making you feel like an eighty-year-old? Apparently, your brain might not realise that over-contracted muscles have caused the pain, and here comes somatic movement therapy to the rescue. It is a series of exercises that reconnects the brain with the muscle and teaches it to let go of any tightness or stiffness and shows your body the light of day.

This place is a community space and an extension to Tiffin Tea House in West Bridgford. They welcome everyone with open arms and have host of activities on offer; creative therapy, games and craft workshop, mental health workshop and guitar group. If none of them catch your fancy, you can start your own, just have a chat with Vicki, the café manager who is always happy to help. It’s a great place to meet new people and pick up new interests and hobbies.

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