5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

12 November 17

We've taken a break from our regular programming of gigs and giggles to bring you lot a week of educational stuff. Time to sharpen those brains, kids...

Sean Sutton Exhibition

Little owd Notts is about to be blessed with a visit from some real good do-ers. The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) do amazing work all over the world to clear landmines and unexploded bombs from conflict zones, and now they’re teaming up with the Framework Knitters museum in Ruddington to host an exhibition of photos from renowned post-conflict photojournalist, Sean Sutton. From Tuesday 14 November, the exhibition will stand in the Chapel Arts Gallery opposite the main museum, and will feature photographs taken in Laos and Vietnam which document the humanitarian impact of war. If yer get yersen down there on Tuesday 14 or Thursday 23 at 7.30pm, MAG volunteer Ambassador Graham Allen will be giving a special talk about their fundraising appeal ‘Walk Without Fear’. It’s propa serious stuff, but well worth the visit.
Tuesday 14 - Wednesday 29 November (exhibition open Wednesday - Saturday), 11am-4.30pm, free, Framework Knitters Museum, event link

Silver Ring Crafternoon

Don’t wanna see another generic piece of jewellery from one of those bleddy high street store chains that everyone loves? It’s abaht time yer start making your own stuff then, duck. Get down to Debbie Bryan for a special crafternoon where you’ll walk away with a unique piece of bling you can proudly show off on yer fingers. On arrival you’ll be wined and dined with a tasty platter of nibbles before you get step by step instructions for creating your wax-carved masterpiece. You’ll be shown some specialist techniques for mark making and we’re happy to say it’s a completely vegan craft. Your piece will be returned to the shop before chrimbo, cast in silver, polished and ready to wear. Perfect gift for yoursen, your mother or anyone you forgot about on your shopping centre dash.  
Wednesday 15 November, 5.30pm-9pm, £78, Debbie Bryan, event link

Archaeology Now: The Origins of Nottingham

There’s been many a time where we’ve sat munching on some brunch on a weekend morning in Hockley and wondered abaht the origins of the area. Has it always attracted all the artsy folk of the town? Or was it a place you’d avoid at all costs? Well now is the time to find out. As part of a series of talks about archaeological work in Notts, Dr David Knight, Head of Research at Trent and Peak Archaeology, will be spilling the beans on the earliest occupations of the city, which apparently include some very historically famous ex-residents. There’ll be particular emphasis on the result of excavations in the Anglian and Viking settlements, which is now occupied by the Lace Market, the particular street patterns which remain fossilised in the modern townscape, and how the Norman conquest impacted the urban landscape. History is mind-boggling, ain’t it?

Wednesday 15 November, 1pm, free, Djanogly Theatre, event link

We Need to Talk About Pay

Us spring chickens need no reminding that we ain’t got it easy right now. Prices are rising, rent is rising, bills are rising, but our pay is not. In fact, over the last seven years, young workers wages have fallen by 15%, which means there is no way our pay can keep up with the cost of life. Join Nottingham’s trade union movement at Rough Trade to let off some steam and have a discussion abaht increasing income for us young ‘uns. They’ve roped in some great speakers to give their opinions on the issue, including Kelly Rodgers from the Ritzy Living Wage Campaign and speakers from the McDonalds strike. But it ain’t all doom and gloom, for a bit of light relief there will be performances by Stacey McMullen, Super Furniture and DIY Poets. We don’t wanna be that generation that gets left behind; now is your chance to speak up.
Thursday 16 November, 7pm, free, Rough Trade, event link

Pixel Me Animation Workshop

The Young Producers at City Arts are always looking for new ways to bring creativity into the lives of our youth. This week, they’ve taken a leaf outta snapchat’s book and are running a workshop where you can create yer own little mini me, pixel style. Join Young Producer’s very own Nicole Solarte-Tobon and submerge yoursen into a world of pixel art and animation, using online software to design and animate a digital version of yourself. Yer don’t need any previous experience to get involved, and they’ll also provide you with a laptop if needed. Now there’s something a little different for a Thursday night.
Thursday 16 November, 6.30pm-8.30pm, £5, City Arts, event link

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