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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Weekend

2 November 17 words: Emily Thursfield

It's gonna be a good'un, kids...

Friday Food and Friends

Now that Netflix subscriptions only cost a few bob a month, it’s no surprise that many of us choose to stay on our sofas rather than hitting the town. Not only can it be bleddy expensive to go out and socialise, but it can also be tricky for people who have no means of getting around or those with no friends in the area. Vine Community Centre are tackling these problems head on with their new free social meal event, where each week locals can enjoy a wholesome, home-cooked meal. They’re hoping this will help build up community atmosphere by giving people a place where you can come and meet new friends, or get you talking to your neighbours. They’ll offer different meal options so that the menu will be all-faith friendly and they’re hoping to source to-be-wasted products from local food outlets so they can call themsen environmentally friendly too. If you’d like to help out with this project, get at them via [email protected], call 01159249715 or pop into the Vine any weekday morning.
Friday 3 November, 6pm, free, Vine Community Centre, event link

Lustre 2017

Lakeside Arts are always bringing us the goods. This weekend, over eighty of the UK’s finest contemporary craftspeople have been specially selected to show off their quality and unique creations, and hopefully help you lot find some cracking gifts for the festive season. Lustre 2017 is one of the country’s highest quality craft events, and a perfect place for all you artsy people to spend a weekend. Set aside some time to wander rahnd the place and marvel at all the stunning creations that will be laid out in front of yer, and treat yourself to some goods if you find something you love. It’s gonna be chock-a-block with artisan jewellery, bags, ceramics, glass, tableware and more, and the designers will all to there to answer any questions you may have about their designs, ideas or techniques. A full list of stalls is available on the Lakeside Arts website.
Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 November, 10am-5pm,£4-£5, Lakeside Arts, event link

Feral: An Underground All Nighter

Hi Vis Press are so buzzing about all their recent success, that they’re throwing one hell of a bash to let everyone know it. To celebrate the launch of Dean Lillymans’ novel Billy and the Devil, their first published novel, and the release of their new publication Low Light Magazine, they’re putting on an all nighter event at the Chameleon Arts Cafe. Hosted by Mr Miggy Angel, the night will see performances from twelve of their favourite spoken word artists, a hip-hop slash acoustic set from Alice Short, skate punk vibes from Sheffield’s Rob and Natas, and belting tunes from DJ Allan and house DJ Keith Ford. All of this, and they’ll also be running an open mic raffle for anyone who fancies taking the stage themselves; so bring your best poem or story and be prepared. Belting. We’ll see you there.
Saturday 4 November, 6:30pm-2am, £3 OTD, Chameleon Arts Cafe, event link

Jonny Awsum - “Honey I Promised the Kid”

Despite the number of people they churn out each year, telly talent shows rarely give us any real stars. They have their fifteen minutes of fame before fading back into oblivion. However, there are a few diamonds that have come from the talentless rough. After reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent this year, comedian Jonny Awsum has become one of the most sought after headline acts. Jonny will be coming to the Canalhouse to perform his hit show as part of Nottingham Comedy Festival, a show that promises a true tale packed with celebrity encounters, bit that will make yer cringe and an unexpected final twist. Thousands of people were so desperate to see him perform at Edinburgh Fringe that he played to sold out rooms daily, so be warned that this is one popular guy. Grab them tix now.
Sunday 5 November, 6pm, £6, The Canalhouse, event link

Why Do We Care Whodunnit?

It seems as though Britain is going through a stage where we just can't get 'nuff of murder and stuff. First we were glued to our screens to see what was poppin' off in Broadchurch, and then we were desperate to find out what happened to that girl on the train. So why are we all obsessed with solving the bleddy mystery? There's no better person we can ask than current Chair of the Crime Writers Association, Martin Edwards. And lucky for yow lot, he's gonna spill all the mystery beans in a talk at Beeston Library on Friday. Not only has Martin written eighteen novels, including the multi-award winning The Golden Age of Murder, he's also a series consultant to the British Library, followed in the footsteps of Agatha Christie and became President of the Detection Club, AND he recently received the Poirot award for his outstanding contribution to the field. Not only is he a busy man, he deffo knows his stuff to. Get yer looking glass at the ready. 
Friday 3 November, 11.30am, £3, Beeston Library, event link 

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