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The Thompsons on Brexit

28 November 17 interview: Jared Wilson

They're dead funneh...

We won’t be having people round, we’re gonna have a small bonfire and about three fireworks and that’ll do us. We can’t stand fireworks at the best of times; all you do is get neck ache, what’s the point? They sold out of mushy peas at Goose Fair so I hope that doesn’t happen at Bonfire Night. It was barbaric.

We don’t know. No idea what’s going on. We saw on the news that there was this posh building, but other than that, we know nothing. It’ll all come out in the wash, won’t it? Nothing to worry about.

Don’t care. It’s a load of mish mash and it’s about time Star Wars was in the museum of films. They’re all old now, even Ewan McGregor’s getting on. Blade Runner is another one we’re not interested in; there’re far better films. The Heat of the Night, that’s much better than any of the Star Wars films, not that we’ve ever seen them. Kind Hearts and Coronets is one of the best films ever, it’s a classic. Alec Guinness is in that one, too. He’s a mass murderer, in a nice sort of way. What we’d rather talk about is the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. It’s thirty acres and it’s the best garlic ever.

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