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Confetti - Do It For Real

The Thompson Brothers on Goose Fair

7 October 17 words: The Thompson Bros

Nottingham's most opinionated green grocers...

We used to go every year as it’s near our birthday, but the rides these days are enough to kill you. As you get older, it all seems less appealing. We used to love the Divebomber, the Magic Carpet and the Wall of Death. The rides were only half a crown in those days, but you barely get change from a fiver now.

We can’t stand it. It’s a thing imported from America for demented children to try and scare us. Although, we will be selling pumpkins in the shop for between £1 and £1.50 if people want to buy them. You can eat the insides too, although personally we think that pumpkin is one of the more vile of vegetables.

Good! They bring life back to the city. The city centre is full of student accommodation and no-one lives in it for three months a year. That whole area around Trent Uni is like some kind of thirties wasteland from June to September when they go back home.

Are they any good at it? They’ve won the World Cup a few times, we suppose. Plus, they’ve got the Pope on their side.

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