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Buzzword: A Poem for Beeston Competition

11 September 17 words: Jade Moore

Them lot over at The Beestonian have been running their very own poetry comp, looking for poems inspired by Beeston. With the deadline fast approaching, they’re on the look-out for some young scrawlers…

Since launching the poetry competition at the end of July, the people of Beeston have been buzzing about putting words together and sending in their poems. With a job lot of entries so far, it seems like there’s a lot to be said for that there town. All that Nottingham literary goodness has rubbed off on ‘em.

They’ve got two categories to enter, over 16s and under 16s, and while the adults have been sending in their creative masterpieces in their droves, the same can’t be said for those with youth on their side.

The competition is a chance for Beeston residents, current or former, to capture the unique character of the town in poetic form.

Beeston is home to several respected poetry publishers including John Lucas; Jenny Swann; and Alan Baker – the latter two are also one half of the judging panel.

Other judges ready to cast their eyes of the poetic fruits of the town are Christian Fox, Editor of The Beestonian and Tommy Farmyard; that lad who does Hockley Hustle and Nottingham Poetry Festival.

“I expect the poems to be of the usual excellent standard displayed by Notts’ creative communities, and I’m intrigued to see how the many voices in Beeston will portray the town they live in” says Tommy. “This competition is great for bringing like-minded people together, and will present a fascinating portrayal of an area from different viewpoints. Nottingham is rich with literary and poetic heritage, and anything that can highlight the ongoing standard of excellence is a great thing for the town and city.”

And it’s not just the kudos you’re entering for. There are prizes to be won. The winner of the over 16s category will win £100, a trophy, inclusion in an anthology among other things. The winner of the under 16s category will win £50, book tokens and heaps of other cracking stuff. You’ve literally got everything to gain and nothing to lose by entering.

The competition has had a word with the team commissioning the Beeston Street Art, which is to be displayed on the wall next to Birds Bakery. The winning poem – or lines from it – will be incorporated into the final design for the mural, and become a permanent feature of Beeston. How loverly.

Deadline for entries is Thursday 14 September. You can enter as many poems as you like, as long as they’re inspired by Beeston, they’ll be accepted.

Email your entry to [email protected] or post a copy of your poem to The Beestonian, 145 Meadow Lane, Beeston, Notts, NG9 5AJ.

Submitted poems consent to future publication in The Beestonian. Please state your name, contact details and which age category you fall into, alongside your entry.

Beeston Poetry Competition website

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