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Could You Be A Future Leader of Nottingham?

12 September 17 words: Rhys Hawkins

Should the next leaders of our fine city be more representative of minorities? The Renewal Trust certainly thinks so. Whether you’ve directly experienced homelessness, or you’re from an ethnic minority, this charity’s new training programme aims to get you into the driving seats...


Kick-started in May, the Future Leaders of Nottingham scheme could be accused of trying to run before it can walk. But, like every toddler keen to get going, what they can’t demo with the old Melbourne Shuffle, they make up for in general enthusiasm.

The Renewal Trust has managed to include at least two thirds of those from under-represented groups in its scheme, according to its website. From Community Protection Officers to Careers Inspiration Managers, Media Officers to Housing Managers, it seems that everyone wants, and is welcome to, a piece of the Future Leaders of Nottingham pie.

Ashreen, whose words can be found in documents published by the Renewal Trust, seconds this. “I think the programme is an excellent way of identifying leadership potential with people who do not have much social capital.” Sounds like a boss idea to us.

But what does a future leader of Nottingham look like? What skills is this scheme instilling in the bright hopefuls of our fair city?

Sonia, a worker at the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum, says “The programme has helped me to expand my self-taught leadership knowledge and develop skills such as team-working, listening to other people’s opinions, and growing the leader in me.” Developing emotional intelligence and the skills to instil inspiration in other team members also appears to be on the agenda, according to Colette, a Community Maintenance Manager.

One could be forgiven, however, for wondering what the current leaders of Nottingham think of all this. Are they worried about being knocked off their perch? Councillor Toby Neal, from Nottingham City Council, doesn’t reckon so. In fact, they commissioned the scheme:

“We want to make the most of all the talent and skills that come from all our communities… We’re fortunate to live alongside people from all walks of life, who bring creativity, innovation and diversity of thought to decision-making and problem solving, as our future leaders are already showing.”

It’s clear that this scheme is causing quite a stir of excitement among the current “leaders” of Nottingham, and, from the excited musings of those already taking part, it seems to be working.

Bringing together communities, and championing the unheard as our future leaders, The Renewal Trust are trailblazers who’re changing the face of the cities’ future. Watch this space.

If you want more information about the Future Leaders scheme and what it can do to boost your own skills, contact Holly James at the Renewal Trust on 0115 911 2226 or email [email protected]

Renewal Trust website

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