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In Focus: Sci-Tronic

15 September 17 photos: In Focus

Malcolm Skyylab, aka Malcolm Bliss-Brown, is a laser display, VJ and underground trance-tune specialist who’s been on the Notts scene since 1996. Whacking on epic lighting shows at club nights under Skyylab Laser Lighting UK, he also runs Sci-Tronic: the night dedicated to hard trance, psygressive, and everything in between. Having appeared everywhere from Cookie Club to The Angel, this month Sci-Tronic celebrates its fourth birthday at its new home: The Irish Centre. Ahead of the event, we got our Malcolm to answer a few questions in photographic form…


Sci-Tronic: The First Rebirth takes place on Saturday 16 September down The Irish Centre. Expect to see The Digital Blonde, DJ Fergus, DJ Iah, RYD3R, Malcolm Skyylab, and Atex, from 9pm, for £5 - £7.

Sci-Tronic website

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