TRCH Priscilla

LL Stereo: With Twin Kidd, Zaim, Jorday and more...

19 September 17 words: Paul Klotschkow

Tune in and tune out...

Akapila - Keep Your Head High

Hip hop that’s so laid back it’s looking up at the clouds. We’re unsure what bragging about tram hopping does for your credentials though…

Twin Kidd - Retrograde

Retro-fitted shimmering pop music that builds to a suitably euphoric climax. The sort of song that wakes up with glitter in its pants.

Zaim - Kill It

The rapper’s dextrous delivery is cradled amongst some irresistible housey trap production.

Silver Wilson - I’ll Be There

We tried, we really tried, we really did, but wherever Silver Wilson are saying they’ll be, we definitely won’t be. Sorry, lads.

Jorday - Beautiful Disaster

The production is incredibly weird, like a spluttering pneumatic drill pretending its a drum machine, and even with Jorday’s autotuned croon crying all over the top it all still somehow works. An incredible mess.

Giant Head - A Message

Disturbing skronky robotic hip hop. An anxious, unsettling listen.

Slumb Party - Accident

Spindly post-punk belter with nervy saxophone squelches adding to the chaos.

As December Falls - Keep Dreaming

Moody pop-rock that’s a cut above due to Bethany’s soaring vocals.