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Nottingham Peacebuilders Anthology: Call for Submissions

6 September 17 words: Jade Moore

Nottingham Peacebuilders are concluding their programme of peace-related events by inviting writers to contribute to an anthology based on the theme of small acts of kindness change the world. Reckon you’re up for getting stuck in? We thought so.

The Peacebuilders initiative was instigated by local individuals who were inspired by a touring exhibition of three world leaders who’ve each made significant contributions towards building a better world through peaceful means; Mohandas Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr and Daisaku Ikeda. Top folk, all three.

The first series of events began in May 2017 and existed under the banner of “Small Acts of Kindness Change the World” – can you see a theme emerging – with individual conversations to celebrate what humans can achieve in the name of peace, and how we can incorporate being a “peace builder” into our everyday lives.

By exploring the power of the individual, Nottingham Peacebuilders set out to raise the profile of peacebuilding locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. They aren’t messing about, this lot.

With our status as a UNESCO City of Literature, the programme wants to leave a written legacy as a fitting conclusion to uniting a city through peaceful means, and that’s where yow lot come it.

Writers, poets, and those with a cracking imagination alike, you are being recruited into this, the mission for peace. Get involved by submitting a written piece of work that will form part of an anthology. The work will include poetry and flash fiction, and is set to be published in print and online in November 2017.

The open submission process is open to anyone over the age of sixteen, and successful entries will be selected by an experienced panel of literary boffs. If your submission is selected, you’ll see it in print alongside nationally and internationally acclaimed writers, so it’s a pretty big deal.

How to Enter

If you reckon you’re up for it, here’s a quick run down of how to get stuck in, and a few top tips to help you on your way.

- Poems and flash fiction entries should be based around the theme – Small Acts of Kindness Change the World – and must be an original work not previously published in print or online, been broadcast, or won a prize. It’s gorra be brand new, basicalleh.

- Maximum length of thirty lines per poem, and 600 words for a flash fiction, and both should be written in English.

- Maximum of two entries only per person. Either two poems, two flash fiction entries, or one of each.

- Entries should be typed, with double line spacing and in 12 point. Pop the title of the work at the top of the page, along with your name and contact details.

- Entries are preferred by email, sent to [email protected]

- Postal entries will be accepted, and should be printed on A4 paper, on one side only. Send ‘em two copies if you’re opting for snail mail, and post to Nottingham Peacebuilders, c/o Sharon Scaniglia, Arts Officer, 2nd Floor Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham  NG2 3NG

- The panel will be looking for work that entices the reader and provokes thought.

- Make sure you save a copy for yersen, cos your entry won’t be returned.

- If you need a bit of help getting all inspired, the Nottingham Peacebuilders have chosen three crackin quotes to get you going:

  • Be the change you want to see in the world - Mohandas Gandhi
  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that  - Dr Martin Luther King Jnr
  • A great revolution of character in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation - Daisaku Ikeda

The anthology will be printed by Russell Press, imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. Closing date for entries is 12pm on Sunday 15 October. Visit the Nottingham Peacebuilders Facebook page for more information.

Nottingham Peacebuilders on Facebook

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