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Shelter Point Are Having A Party

7 September 17 interview: Eileen Pegg

The lads of Shelter Point, Liam Arnold and Robin Hearn, have put their heads together to bring
you a night of electricity over at Rough Trade, this weekend...

How long have you both been in Nottingham? 
We've been here for six glorious years. 
Did your band start here? Your Wikipedia page says you started working together after moving to
Wiki has got it a little wrong by about 90 miles (give or take). We started in Coventry but since moved to
Nottingham for uni; no plans to move to the capital just yet! Nottingham is doing just fine for us.
It also says you are an indie rock band – are you?
Yes, more specifically: electronic, indie/rock, starry-eyed bedroom r ‘n’ b with a twist of techno and a
sprinkling of disdain. 
What’s new in the world of Shelter Point?
We’re back in the studio. We moved back to the bedroom for a little while and it wasn't working, so
we’ve just moved into our new musical home. We’re also neighbours with Yazmin Lacey and the Wigflex
guys, too. Collab, bro?
Where was the last gig you played?
We played a bunch of shows in Amsterdam last month, all in one day. We were elevated to the top of
the A'DAM tower to showcase our music to a lovely crowd of Dutch fans and it was great. 

You have an event coming up this Saturday at Rough Trade – how did you go from playing gigs to
running them?
We've been talking about putting on a night for a long time now. We're avid gig goers, and the thought
of creating our own took our fancy, so Cadence was born, 
Have you guys ever organised an event before?
Does Christmas dinner count? 
Describe each artist performing at your night in a few short words…
Luke Peter Foster – alternative spoken word, lo-fi soundscapes. 
Bone Cult – death electronica with an amazing light show. Custom face masks.
Congi – producer-duo and Nottingham extraordinaires. Tipped highly by Giles Peterson. 

How do you want people to feel at Cadence?
Cadence is the first of many Shelter Points Presents events to come to Rough Trade. Catch Luke Peter
Foster, Bone Cult, Congi and Shelter Point there on Saturday 9 September, 7pm.

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