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Nottingham Castle

6 Reasons to Get Yourself Down to the Nottingham Canal

9 April 18 words: Kate Lindars

Nottingham provides plenty of natural beauty. There’s the deer-filled grounds of Wollo Park, the city’s oldest public park The Arboretum, and the lakes of Colwick County Park, to name just a few. But there's another top contender for the list: Nottingham & Beeston Canal. Here are a few reasons why everyone should be checking out this waterway…

Running Route
Get some exercise down yer neck youth. Picture this: ducks quacking, kettles whistling aboard sleepy narrow boats, and no bleddy busy city roads. What could be a better setting to get you moving? Another bonus is that the route is entirely flat, meaning no sneaky inclines to increase your workload. Grab your trainers, choose your playlist, and make the canal your next workout spot.

Our canal is brimming with waterway wildlife. Staff and volunteers work hard to protect the habitat, and are keen to educate visitors about the various feathered friends found knocking about. Check out the identification boards, see how many different varieties you can spot, and be a handy little bogger at the pub quiz. Fishing is another popular canalside activity, but make sure you bag yersen a rod license, dear angler.

Narrow Boats
You’ll find these traditional aqua-based cribs dotted along the water’s length, each with unique design and decoration. For a proper good nosy, visit Nottingham Castle Marina, hosting an impressive 200 moorings. The Nottingham Narrowboat Project has recently received a huge £10,000 grant from the National Lottery Fund; the local charity runs narrowboat trips for the community and gives volunteers first-hand experience of navigating the boats as well as operating the locks and bridges at the water’s edge. All aboard, ducky.

Watering Holes
Thirsty bleeders, fear not; there are also plenty of pubs for a pit stop on yer travels. One highlight is Castle Wharf, where the Canalhouse is a must-see. Impressive both inside and out, this Grade II listed building is the only inn in the UK where the canal enters and becomes a feature inside the structure itself. You can overlook the resident barges moored within the venue or perch outside in the massive canalside beer garden, for extra canal points. Other proper good spots include The Waters Edge at the Marina; The Navigation, alongside the canal lock; and Riverside Bar up at Beeston Marina.

Attenborough Nature Centre & Reserve
Situated just past Beeston lock where the canal meets the river, this site one of the best places in the city to get yer nature on. And yes, it is named after Sir David Attenborough himself, who opened the establishment back in 1966. Grab a bag of feed from the award-winning, eco-friendly visitors centre before starting a nature trail, and you'll soon have the local wildlife eating out of your hands. Also, don't miss the outdoor activity garden, featuring its very own "Bird Hotel" at the Sand Martin Hide vantage point. 

Waterways in Words
Waterlines, a partnership between the Canal & River Trust and The Poetry Society, named Nancy Campbell as the UK’s Canal Laureate at the beginning of 2018. Renowned poet Nancy crafts captivating blogs and poems inspired by her adventures and encounters along England’s historic waterways. If you needed any more persuading to go and experience the allure of Nottingham’s mighty canal, we'll leave Nancy’s poetry to do the talking. 

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