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The Thompson Brothers on LeftLion's 100th Issue

27 April 18 words: The Thompson Brothers

Our favourite green grocers are well happy for us...

100th issue of LeftLion
It’s an incredible achievement. Can we go for a party? Everyone bring a bottle. We get loads of feedback about our column in the shop. Everybody thinks we’re going away to California or New Zealand on holiday. It’s probably time we came clean about that. We’re definitely not, we don’t even have passports. We’ve never had them. We went to New York a couple of years ago, but it was New York in Lincolnshire, next door to Stickney.

The Beast from the East
It’s the first time we’ve seen weather that cold for a long time. But then Easter is almost a fortnight early this year. It got so cold in the shop that we actually had to put the heating on. We had to close the front and back doors too, which provoked some serious reaction from a man up the street. We were still open of course, but he’d never seen us shut the front door.

Is Forest’s new owner a bit dodgy?
We didn’t even know they had a new owner. What’s wrong with the old-fashioned committee they used to have? There were six members and one of them was the man who owned the post office. Can’t they bring that back? When we heard the story about this guy [allegedly] shipping drugs, we wondered if he was doing it for medicinal purposes only. He might have a poorly mother? Or a very very big and poorly family?

Favourite Easter eggs
We do like a good Cadbury’s egg. One of those milk chocolate ones with flakes in it. They’re loads better than Thornton’s. We can’t stand dark chocolate, it’s vile. We don’t like cream eggs either, they give you toothache. Our mother passed away this year so no-one is going to buy one for us now. We don’t want to buy them for each other; we never buy each other anything.

Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal
We don’t really understand it, but Facebook is stupid. We’ve got over 2,000 people following our shop page on there. But if even a tenth of them actually came into the shop, we’d be rich beyond our wildest dreams. It’s meaningless. What a complete waste of time. We’ve got people from Leeds following us on there. They’re hardly going to nip down to Haydn Road for a bunch of carrots are they? If we delivered a £10 veg box to them from here, it would end up costing £30!

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