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City Stylin' #4

10 August 18 interview: Emily Thursfield
photos: Georgianna Scurfield

We took to the streets to find a couple of mighty fine fashionistas...

“Up until a few years ago I was an emo, but for the last four years I’ve dressed with a more pin-up, vintage style. I’ve always loved vintage clothes and you can often find me browsing the rails at Hopkinson, Cow Vintage or Sue Ryder. I really love the furniture there too, it’s amazing.

I never plan my outfits, I just go with how I feel on the day. As for icons, I love Marilyn Monroe, but there are too many incredible style idols to pick just one.

My tattoo? I hate it! It’s a black rose, but it looks more like a cabbage. So now I might just go with it and get more vegetables. Perhaps a little carrot, bit of parsnip. Why not? My life mantra is to be yourself. That’s it.”

Georgia Alexandra Rose, Restaurant Manager

“I don’t tend to shop in mainstream shops anymore; since starting my own little business I try to go local. My top is actually from SassySpud, a vegan t-shirt company. I’ll always try and support alternative independents, and I’d always rather be comfortable than try to look good.

I started my business, Silver Solace, after I started a silversmith course two years ago. I did A-Level Resistant Materials and absolutely loved it. Then I spent the next year and a half saving up for my tools and bought everything; the rest is history. I made this moon necklace and my rings last month. Considering I’m just a waitress, it’s nice to have something on the side that I can actually thrive for rather than just serving people.”

Mel Hunter, Waitress and Silversmith

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