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Live Music Review: Electronic Music Open Mic Night at The Chameleon Arts Cafe

24 August 18 words: Alex Keene

We got down to The Chameleon Arts Cafe to checkout the open mic night with an electronic twist...

In the upper rooms of Nottingham’s Chameleon Arts Café, a group of electronic music producers and enthusiasts gather to share in their mutual interest. The Electronic Music Open Mic Night – or EMOM – hasn’t been held in our fair city for too long, but is already attracting a decent crowd of spectators.

An assortment of styles, tech and artists with very different approaches came together for the latest of what is sure to be a growing tradition of electronic music events. Each given only fifteen minutes in the spotlight, acts new and old stood up to share their take on the ever-expanding genre.

Founder Martin Christie (Poet and The Loops) was quick to take his spot on stage, the first of those mixing their electronic productions with a lyrical element. Christie began the event to give people like himself a forum to explore electronic music making, a venture that many seem to be thankful for.

He said: “The first night that I put on I was overwhelmed by people wanting to play and just wanting to come and listen.”

Organisers Flavolous (Kai Tendeki), Time In Antartica (Stewart Cuthew) and Meddla (Stephen Thomas) all took to the stage, each with a different approach to electronic music production but with one clear message: nights like this must continue. And if they will, if this lot have anything to do with it.

Daphnellclong-time electronic performer – showed everyone what can be done with a mix of pre-recorded tunes and live drum machine. For her, the venue was the most important element to the evening: “This is my local venue, so I felt comfortable to come down.”

Founders, organisers and long-time electronic performers weren’t the only ones on the signup sheet for the night. First timers Heresy and Freckleman both took their place, and added to the eclectic mix of different electronic genres on display.

With so much musical range on show, it could be difficult to pinpoint any similarities at all between the artists. But it doesn’t take long, when speaking with them, to find a few opinions shared throughout: firstly, the immediacy of a genre such as this is what really attracted them to it and, secondly, the Chameleon Arts Café is the perfect place to play their tunes.

Electronic Music Open Mic Night (EMOM) took place at The Chameleon Arts Café on Wednesday 22 August 2018

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