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The Comedy of Errors

The Masked Man of Boomtown Talks Revolution

9 August 18 interview: Bridie Squires

Boomtown Fair – the immersive festival that tells the story of a grapple between revolutionaries and the establishment – has kicked off in Matterley Bowl, Hampshire. We grabbed the regime-toppling Masked Man for a chat as the tenth chapter kicks off good and proper...

Image courtesy of Boomtown

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. What have you been up to today?
Polishing my goggles, recharging my batteries, that kind of thing.

Can you tell us where you get your revolutionary inspiration from?
Unfortunately there is no shortage of inspiration in a world gone insane and on the brink of catastrophe; look around you, do you not see? We are being so cunningly distracted after all. The veil is thin, the facade barely visible anymore, as the elite few dominate and exploit the lives of the disenfranchised many.

Last year, you toppled Comrade Jose’s regime. Can you describe how it felt to see the ‘Town descend into chaos following your actions? Did you feel a sense of responsibility for the populace?
I did not witness the descent of the City into chaos, though had I been able to I would still not have taken the reigns of power, only to be corrupted as those before me. The people must realise they must be responsible for themselves, and each other. The time of leaders and political parties is over. Now it is time to build a new kind of society, to take the power back from the hands of the few, and into the hearts and minds of the many.

Sector 6 injected the people with rebellion. Was there anything in particular about the occupation that you found particularly mischievous last year? And what disobedience is afoot this year?
To occupy and disrupt the activation of a nuclear power facility is a noble and honourable action in times of such environmental peril. We need to find new ways to harness resources that do not endanger our very existence, along with every other species we share the world with.

The new power at play, Bang Hai Corporation, has a challenger in the form of an unknown hacker cell. Do you have any involvement with the organisation?
I am no one’s master and no one’s slave. The forces of darkness will stop at nothing to protect their interests and destroy any opposition, so it was only natural the challenge would come from underground sources. Who knows even if it is one organisation? It could even be they you are speaking to right now!

Looking back to early dream of Nickolas Boom, how can we preserve the vision of Boomtown with vulturous meddlers afoot? Can you ever see a day that we return to those humble beginnings?
The past is the past, there can be no going back. All we have is now, and now is the time for action; the future is, however, unwritten! The people must dream new dreams – their own dreams – and create a shared vision for the future, if there is to be any hope.

You’ve been a vital cog in the machine battling against town propaganda. Are there any other townspeople you’ve been working alongside to ensure this important work is carried out?
Our people are everywhere! Nameless, faceless, we walk among you. Where you may see one of us, you do not see the thousands who stand beside us, who walk behind us. We will never surrender!

Where’s your favourite part of the ‘town to hang out, besides Sector 6?
Old Town has always stood proud and true to the dream. Its people have always resisted and never given in to the corruption of governments, dictatorships or corporations. But I like to walk where none would expect me, to hide in plain sight, so this year we will infiltrate the luxurious sprawling boulevards of Paradise Heights and swarm in the hustle and bustle of Metropolis.

There are riches to be enjoyed within the town, and this year there’s been the development of the Boomtown Springs area. Can you tell us about who’s living in the mansion up there? Are you, or will you ever be, tempted to dip a toe in the pool of luxury in exchange for freedom?
The cr​é​me de la cr​é​me of Bang Hai Industries inhabit this gated community, and rumour has it the CEO himself will even be hosting pool parties at his mansion. It’s good they will be distracting themselves lapping up all that luxury, as we will also be busy while the fat cats bask away. The luxury you talk of is an empty vacuous affair for the most part, a fire that never says enough, a hunger for more that can never be satisfied and it is as one of our wealthier supporters once said: "Do you not know the doors of power are only shut so tightly, because there is so little going on behind them?!"

Was there anything else you wanted to say to LeftLion readers?
Question authority, don't be distracted and remember, this world belongs to us, all of us, don't let the greed heads steal our future! See you in the fray!

Nottingham Acts at Boomtown 2018:

  • Church of the Cosmic Skull
  • Parly B
  • Haggard Cat
  • Hallouminati
  • Cru Cast Takeover with Darkzy, Bru-C and Mr Virgo
  • Sleaford Mods

Boomtown Fair 2018 takes place at Matterley Bowl, Hampshire, from Thursday 9 - Sunday 12 August

Boomtown Fair website

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