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Confetti - Do It For Real

Snap Notts: Forest Fields

2 August 18 words: Hazel Monaghan
photos: Louise Clutterbuck
Every month, we'll be giving you the latest installment of Snap Notts - the series that sees a bunch of photographers and poets divvied up into pairs and given a location to create work around...

The Battle of Beech Avenue

someone has scrawled


on the boards that board up the pub


no question mark, like it’s not the questioner who needs the answer


the echoes of the latest fight still trickle off the pavement

you can tell by just smelling

like a bathroom that’s been bathed in


sitting in the designated smoking area

equidistant from the gas cooker inside (lighters slip out your grip in this house like big rope)

and the edge of the sunspot

watching a housemate’s still-steaming bath

splutter down the drainpipe and collide with the gutter grate

to splatter and sputter on the rubble

makes me contemplate

not the brevity of life

or fetishise the way the birds sing anyway,

but the grubbiness of the fag butt bobbing on the bubbles


we've never been happier

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