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City Stylin' #8

2 December 18 interview: Anna Murphy
photos: Tom Morley

We took to the streets to find some of Notts' best dressed...

“In South Africa, where I grew up, the average women’s size is a twelve. I remember one day I went shopping and the only jeans in my size were a pair of denim combats. I wore them and everyone started asking where they were from. It was the first time I felt confident and like my style was validated, instead of finding shopping difficult when trawling through basic plus-size ranges.

There’s a bigger range these days. I mean, there’s still a long way to go before plus-size clothing offers the same opportunities, and the quality is often horrendous, but it’s starting to catch up.

As a plus-size woman, it’s hard to put yourself on the internet because society judges the sh*t out of you. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of trolls, but I like to kill them with kindness. I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling like I wasn’t good enough and after turning thirty, I thought ‘Screw it.’ Now, I’m unashamedly me.”

Holly, Blogger

“I’m a rudegirl at heart. I always wear hoops and a headscarf, and I’m always mixing and matching.

I think my style’s quite quirky. It’s not like everyone else walking down the high street. My mum warned me that one day I’d eventually regret my tattoos, but will I? I love them. I don’t want to change how I dress just because I’m a mum.

I always avoid anything that looks too mumsy. It’s fine for other people, but it’s definitely not for me. When I was little, my sister used to dress me up as Madonna with a beauty spot, bangles, and a headscarf. I guess my style hasn’t changed too much!”

Frances, Youth Worker

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