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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

4 February 18 words: Emily Thursfield

Plenty to be gerrin on with...

Natural Born Killers

Everyone knows February is the month of luuurve, and The Savoy are getting right into the swing of things with this corker of a flick. Whether you’re loved up or fancy free, Natural Born Killers is a film everyone can get down with. Watch as Mickey and Mallory become besotted at first sight, and proceed to embark on country-wide killing spree, turning them into instant celebrities. A commentary on how the mass media’s often sensationalist coverage of high-profile murder cases turns criminals into icons, it’s also dead funny and not one you’ll get to see on the big screen very often, so clear the diary and sort it aht.
Monday 5 February, 8.30pm, £4.75-£6.50, Savoy Cinema, event link

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Unbeknown to many, Nottingham was the first UK city to declare itself with a zero tolerance to female genital mutilation (FGM) back in 2017, all thanks to the local charity Mojatu. The organisation has been leading the work in combating the acceptance of the practice, and now they're celebrating the one-year anniversary of Nottingham's declaration with a tree planting ceremony. Get yourself down to Farmeco Community Care Farm in Screveton (NG13 8JL) to support the cause, and adopt a tree for fifty quid, to help continue the great work being done by the Mojatu Foundation. There's free transport running from The Forest Park and Ride at 9.30am (booking required) and make sure you book a place for the event itself, too.
Tuesday 6 February, 10.15am - 2pm, free, Farmeco Community Care Farm, event link

Finding Nana

A couple of weeks ago, playwright Jane Upton wrote us a heartwarming piece detailing the journey behind the creation of her play, which hits the Playhouse this week. It’s dead loveleh, and definitely worth the read. Finding Nana is an autobiographical play inspired by these events, set in a seaside hotel from childhood summers, following Jane’s attempt to find her beloved Nana before she forgot who she was. It’s all about the unconditional love between a granddaughter and her Nana and the desperate need to capture memories before they disappear. Aww. Like we said, Jane’s story is dead lovely, and this is certainly one not to be missed.
Wednesday 7 - Saturday 10 February, £12-£14.50, Nottingham Playhouse, event link

Musical Bingo

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pub quiz. It’s just that Notts has got so many good’uns, our eyes are starting to stray as we dream of summat a little different.  And it seems that new kids on the Wessy B block, The Botanist, knew exactly what we wanted. Join them for a night of musical bingo, where they’ll put your music knowledge to the test with their take on the popular passtime. No fat ladies in this one, instead songs will replace numbers. So, if you hear a song that you have the matching song name or artist to, then cross it off and play to win. Sounds like a proper laff. Best get listening to some tunes…
Thursday 8 February, 7pm, reserve a table at [email protected], The Botanist, event link

Bright Club Nottingham

We all had a teacher at school who thought they were the bees knees when it came to in-class comedy. You know the type; over excited music teacher who would spend all lesson joking instead of teaching you to play chopsticks, or the chemistry professor who set things on fire just to get all the year elevens to pay attention. Well, someone out there decided it would be a great idea to finally give these attention seeking teachers what they want; a show of their own. Bright Club - a stand-up show of academics - is coming to Nottingham for the first time and it’s bringing along some very clever people for the ride. Performing will be a molecular biologist, a drugs discovery researcher, a materials engineer and more, plus a very special performance from the ‘unconventionally sassy’ Iszi Lawrence.
Thursday 8 February, 6.30pm, £6.68, Rough Trade, event link

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