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6 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

25 February 18 words: Emily Thursfield

There's just so much going on this week, we struggled to pick only five. With birthday celebrations, fundraising activities and plenty of shows, there's enough to get yer going...

Acoustic Rooms 8th Birthday Party

They’ve spent the weekend nursing their sore heads after the big fifteenth birthday bash, but now Rescue Rooms is finally ready to emerge from the dark depths of post-booze depression and carry on the party. This week it’s the turn of Acoustic Rooms, which will be celebrating its eighth year of life by playing host to over fifteen of the finest up and coming musicians Notts has to offer, including The Frantics, Adam Peter Smith and Jimi Mack. It’s free entry, free birthday cake and happy hour drinks all night. You couldn’t possibly want for more.
Monday 26 February, 5pm-3am, free, Rescue Rooms, event link

NTU Graphic Design: Auction Fundraiser

Whether it’s a ridiculously overpriced pair of shoes, a holiday to the Maldives or a mansion in the Hollywood hills, we’ve all lusted after summat that we simply couldn’t afford by oursens. For this bunch of NTU Graphic Design students, they just want a degree and money to help them throw an end of year degree show. Unfortunately, they can’t rely on the possibility of winning the lottery, so they’re putting on a fundraising night where you lot can gawp at their work or pick up some goodies, including prints, zines, merch and more. There’ll also be a raffle with plenty of prizes to be won. Consider it your good deed for the day, offering our youth a helping hand in getting them a job in the future. We’re sure they’ll be dead appreciative of any spare change you can chuck their way.
Monday 26 February, 18.30pm, free, Rough Trade, event link

Mark Thomas: Showtime From The Frontline

In our last rag, we treated you lot to an interview with comedian, presenter and political satirist Mark Thomas, who gave us the lowdown on what he’d been up to for the past few years. After spending some time in the Palestine setting up a comedy club for amateur comedians, Mark found that it’s not so easy to put on a show that celebrates freedom of speech in a country with so little freedom, so he pulled some strings and brought two of the funnymen from his programme over to the UK to perform the show for us instead. It’s a show that celebrates being yoursen in a place that’s determined to put you in a box. Get tickets pronto.
Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 February, 7.30pm, £13-£17, Djanogly Theatre, event link

Vulva La Revolution

Everyone’s favourite collective of witty women are back to bring us an updated and expanded version of their smash hit of a show. We once described them as the funniest women in Notts, and we ain’t about to go back on our words. Vulva La Revolution is a celebration of wonder women of Notts through the ages, full to the brim of fanny funnies. After the sell out success at Playground fest, the ladies are buzzing to be back in front of a home crowd, and we can’t wait either. Simple one not ta be missed.
Tuesday 27 February, 8pm, £10-£12, Nottingham Playhouse, event link

The Poisonous Pantomime

Ever noticed that kids Christmas pantos have a distinct lack of murder? The baddy may get fobbed off at the end as a means to make the sprogs cheer, but we’re talking about cold, bloody murder. The Poisonous Pantomime musta heard our cries, as they’ve decided to bring their panto based murder mystery show to town. When several residents of a small town are found dead, Amanda P Ennis is called in to solve the crime. With a new an exciting script full of shady characters, it’s bound to spook yer socks off.
Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 February, 7pm, £20 or £35-£40 with a three course meal, Colwick Hall, event link

Ed Byrne: Spolier Alert

He's a familiar face to many thanks to his regular stints on Mock The Week and most recently, Dara & Ed's Road to Mandalay, and now Ed Byrne has decided to tek some time off poppin’ up on our tele boxes to bring his stand-up show to a stage near you. A master of observational comedy, Spoiler Alert proves why Ed can proudly stand next to the likes of Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Car, getting even the stuffiest of people to laugh at their own misfortune. Don’t miss out.
Wednesday 28 February, 8pm, £25.50, Nottingham Playhouse, event link

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