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THiNK are Running an Album Art Competition for their Spring Open Exhibition

13 February 18 words: Dan Lyons

Have you ever looked at an album cover and thought “I could gi’ that a go”? If so, then you can show off your artistic prowess at THiNK’s Spring Open Exhibition. Whether you’re an established artist or just interested in trying something new, between Thursday 29 March and Sunday 29 April, you can have your artwork hanging in a proper gallery. With no entry fee and the competition open to all ages, there is only one rule: all works must be original pieces.

You can submit up to three pieces for consideration, all the size of an LP: between 12x12 and 12.5x12.5 inches square. For the younger readers, that’s the size of one of your mum’s big, strange CDs she’s got in the attic. All contact details and the name of the piece – if applicable, you arty type – should be placed on the reverse side of the artwork.

All art needs to be submitted, in person, between 2pm and 8pm on Monday 26 March to THiNK in Cobden Chambers. If selected, your work will be hanging on the walls of the same venue between Thursday 29 March and Sunday 29 April. That’s a whole month to tell your friends that you’re a wicked artist and actually back it up with proof.

All art will be for sale, with a hanging fee of a tenner. If sold, you get two thirds of the price it was sold for, meaning you can technically call yourself a professional, working artist. If people just don’t understand your genius and your magnum opus doesn’t get sold, you can pick it up between 4pm and 8pm on Sunday 29 April. THiNK will keep your masterpiece in storage for two weeks.

If participating, you get a free ticket and drink at opening night, 6pm on Thursday 29 March. The winners will be decided by judges; the first prize being your work displayed in its own two-week solo exhibition, preview evening included. There’s also a people’s prize which will have three winners, with prizes of weekend exhibitions in THiNK’s two-metre pop-up spaces. Oo-er.

Specs: Album art, between 12x12 and 12.5x12.5 inches square
Submission day: Monday 26 March, 2pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates: Thursday 29 March - Monday 26 April

To enter, print out this form, fill it out and take it along to the submission day along with your work

THiNK, Kiosk, Cobden Chambers, off Pelham Street, NG1 2ED

THiNK website


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