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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

7 January 18 words: Emily Thursfield

This week, we're here to take you on a journey to become a better you. Plenty of relaxation, exercise and brain stimulation coming your way... 

Candle Lit Yin Yoga

To start off your well being journey, try this one out for size. For the month of January, the YMCA are changing up their yoga routines from the usual Dynamic Vinyasa for a more soothing and relaxing Yin practice. In the presence of fairy lights and candles, you’ll target the deep connective tissues and the joints of the body that normally are not accessed in everyday life and you’ll leave feeling completely re energised and relaxed. Unlike other types of yoga, you’ll be seated for most of this class, and given a complete workout for both your mind and body. It don’t matter if you’re an expert or a complete beginner, just grab a mat and a yoga bolster and be on yer way.
Monday 8 January, 6.30pm-7.30pm, £8 drop in, £26 for all four, YMCA Community Centre, event link

Lee’s Bottle Beer Tasting

After all, looking after yersen does include treating yersen. BrewDog’s very own Lee is hosting an evening for you lot to sample some guest and rare BrewDog bottles and cans and get proper sloshed. Not too sloshed, mind. Gorra remember those new year resolutions. Lee is a mastermind when it comes to Cicerone Certified Beer Server knowledge and will be using his northern charm to lure you in, tell you many a beery story and convince you to try just one more pint. If you start to feel a bit fuzzy in the head, it’s a good thing they do some mega sourdough pizzas too. Tickets are available from behind the bar or on the door.
Monday 8 January, 8pm, BrewDog Nottingham, event link

Jiang Hongsheng

Now a little something for the mind. Get down to Wallner Gallery to marvel at the first of this years cultural offerings - a collection of works by a winner of a National Golden Prize and founder of the Red Peony Academy, Jiang Hongsheng. The exhibition focuses on Chinese brush painting, which began in around 4000BC and has developed throughout the years. The style is similar to calligraphy and uses a brush dipped in black ink or coloured pigments to create the beautiful paintings that focus on flowers, objects from nature and many other stimuli. If you get really inspired or fall in love with a particular piece, the good news is that all scrolls will be available to purchase.
Tuesday 9 January - Sunday 18 February, 8am-5pm, free, Wallner Gallery, event link

Superfood Supplement Talk and Sample Evening

Right. So we got the mind and exercise sorted. Now it’s time to think abaht what you’re shoving in that gob of yours. Start the year off on a high by switching up your diet and stuffing yourself with good stuff that will make you feel all loveleh inside. Join peeps at Complimentary Health for a free talk and sample event all about superfood; certain nosh like Spinach, lentils and salmon that are dead good at improving functions in our body and stop us from feeling tired, bloated an’ all sorts. You don’t need to cut out carbs or strictly follow the latest fad diet to feel good, duck.
Wednesday 10 January, 6.15pm, free, Riverside Natural Health Centre, event link

Wu Style Tai Chi Beginners Form Class

If a relaxing yoga class just doesn’t tickle your pickle, why not give Tai Chi a go. Wu style is the second most popular form of Tai Chi in the world, and is characterised by its distinctive hand form and ‘horse stance’... whatever that may be. Sign up for this eight week course, consisting of the thirty step simplified form, and you’ll soon be confidently Chi-ing all over the shop. While it would be an advantage to have taken a foundation course before, it don’t matter if you haven’t; this one is open to all.
Tuesday 9 January, 7pm-8.15pm, £75 for eight weeks, Tiger Boe Centre, event link

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