5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Weekend

18 January 18 words: Emily Thursfield

Go-orrrn, go out and have some fun...

Two Fat Ladies Bingo

Bonkers bingo has been sweeping the land as of late, and we’re loving the sound of it. Whether it’s twenty-summats looking for a new way to get sloshed after gerrin’ bored of Pryzm, or seventy-summats with a little party left to give, we don’t care. We’re down. This particular soirée has been described as ‘bingo on steroids’; just like a regular bingo sesh in a community hall with the additions of confetti cannons, flashing lights and crazy drink deals.  Hosting the bash is two of the rudest old people yer ever will meet, and be warned that they’ll be taking no prisoners when it comes to the interactive rounds. See you there.
Friday 19 January, 6.30pm-3am, £6, Rescue Rooms, event link

Cute Owl Festival of Unusual Electronica and Multi-Instrumentalism

Quick disclaimer: there’s not actually going to be any cute owls there. Try not to be too disappointed. But there is gonna be a whole night full of acts playing a variety of weird and wonderful instruments to make beautiful sounding music. Beginning in Manchester last year, the festival showcases unique music acts, poets and expressive talent from all over the UK, including two from our very own city. Due to immense popularity, they’re bringing it to The Maze this weekend so we too can enjoy the sounds of the hurdy gurdy and wonky baile funk beats. That’s much better than owls, right?
Friday 19 January, 7pm, £4-£6, The Maze, event link

All My Bass

A videogame music festival? You what? You may find it hard to believe, but the little tunes that accompany our favourite games are turning into big business, and the NVA know loads of you lot are chomping at the bit to learn more about it. Join professional gameheads to explore the gaming music world, from talks on scoring the latest games to live performances and Q&A’s. It might not be Glasto, but if you’re into your tech you’ll be well into this.
Friday 19 - Saturday 20 January, all day, £45-£80, various venues, event link

Gallery 47

Jack Peachey, better known as his alter ego Gallery 47, has been working hard on some new music for our tabs to enjoy. Not only is he bleddy marvellous when it comes to writing a tune, his lyrics never fail to soothe our souls and make us feel all fuzzy inside. On Saturday night he’ll be down at Bodega to celebrate the launch of his latest album, Young World, with a piano in tow. Maybe they’ll be a band, maybe he’ll be going it alone; he’s not too sure yet. But we’re dead certain it’s not one to miss.
Saturday 20 January, 7pm, £12, The Bodega, event link

Cagliari vs AC Milan: Launch of AC Milan Fan Club Notts

We’re hearing a lot about AC Milan in Notts these days, right? Good old Herbert Kilpin’s legacy of leaving Notts and going on to found one of football’s most successful clubs lives on with a film, a book, a pub, a plaque and plenty more besides. Now we have our very own branch of the fan club forming, and the first date to put in your diary is this Sunday night where they’ll be watching the Calgiari vs Milan match. Entrance is free, but if you want to become a fully-fledged member of the fan club it will cost you £20 annually.
Sunday 21 January, 4-8pm, free, The Herbert Kilpin


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